Rug Cleaning New York and Your Environment

Professional rug and carpet cleaning is necessary for having a safe and healthy ambiance around. But unfortunately the usual professional rug cleaning services deploy the chemical based harsh products which are highly harmful for the environment. Moreover, the cleaning methods too lead to a lot of wastage in the natural resources. Hence many of the NYC rug cleaning  companies have taken to green and eco friendly cleaning solutions to ensure an overall safety of our Mother Earth.

These sensible carpet and rug cleaning companies focus strongly on the organic and non-toxic products while upholstery and treatment for rug over synthetic harsh options. The green cleaning products used by the cleaning  companies feature safe and natural ingredients free of dangerous chemicals and the harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Don’t worry these organic cleaning products would clean up your rugs as brilliantly as the cleaning chemicals. The green cleaning products are actually armed with some special technology which penetrates into the dirt molecules and breaks these down from the inside. Thus they get to attack to the core of the dust particles ensuring the most effective cleaning.

Apart from the green rug cleaning products, eco friendly rug cleaners also count on green cleaning methods. The organic cleaning processes used by cleaning services focuses on minimal water based method assuring a faster drying of the carpets. In fact they use just a fraction of the whole water consumed by the usual non-green rug cleaning counterparts. The low water use leading to quick dry would ultimately lead to lesser use of both water and energy that contributes a lot to the conservation of both the natural resources.

However, the less water usage does not imply reduced cleaning capacity. On the other hand, the less water technique focuses chiefly on suction and extraction functions and the optimum extraction range are found to be the most powerful in relieving the rug from its deep seated deposits and stains. These organic based cleaning services basically combine the much needed steam cleaning, thorough rinse and the jet-extraction process with 100% bio-degradable, natural and non-toxic materials. The results achieved are fantastic.

Rug Cleaning for Dust and Allergies

Rugs bring a loving feel to your rooms and eventually accentuate much of the glam quotient of your wonderful interior décor. But unfortunately, carpets and rugs also harbor dust and allergens which can lead to severe health issues especially for those having allergies. Rugs can contain dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and many different potential irritants. Many studies have revealed that rugs contain pollutants like PCBs, pesticides, PAHs and poisonous metals like lead. These are the allergens actually which can provoke reactions such as coughing, sneezing, respiratory problems and asthma. Now, this is a serious concern for any household because your pets and kids would be spending a whole lot of time on your rugs.

The only solution here is regular cleaning of the rugs. But simple home vacuuming won’t be that sufficient here especially if the fiber is a worn one. Thus, you need to call for a professional rug cleaning  agency here for an effective and thorough cleaning of your rugs. These professional rug cleaners would come to your home and make a thorough inspection of the rugs for a respective treatment according to the rug’s material, design and dye so that they can treat them accordingly. It’s always good to consult professional rug cleaning companies as they are armed with highly trained as well as certified professionals who are well versed in state of the art equipments that can remove the soil completely from below the rug fibers.

The usual method used by rug cleaning services for removing the dust and allergens is steam cleaning or cleaning through warm water extraction. The particular method is not possible at home and it’s needed since steam cleaning can attack directly at the hiding corners of allergens and dirt particles. Besides, some of these certified professional rug and carpet cleaners in New York will also use a special kind of hypo allergic rug shampoos on request as these would further ease and better the cleaning process. Again it’s nice to mention that many of the professional rug cleaning services these days use environment-friendly “green” cleaning products only so that the customers can be presented with a thoroughly clean and secure ambience.


Carpet Cleaning for Dust and Allergies

Professional carpet cleaners can use steam cleaning to remove dust and allergens and kill any bacteria in your carpet. Your carpet can get a build up of dust, allergens and bacteria over time. Each day you shed skin that gets into the carpet. This dead skin can attract and feed dust mites which in turn causes odor in the carpet. Steam cleaning kills any bacteria and dust mites in your carpet plus it removes dust and allergens. If you use a green cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet they can use green products during the carpet cleaning does not use chemicals. Chemical carpet cleaners can cause an allergic reaction during their use. Your carpet is a major source of dust and allergens in your home and a professional cleaning will help you get them removed from your home for  a clean and fresh envronment.

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