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How Moths Damage Your Area Rug

It is can be an unpleasant surprise to find out that your area rug or even carpet had undergone moth damage.

This means that your rugs or carpet have moth eggs and larvae which are feeding on the fibers of your rug, creating holes and areas that look like the fiber have worn away.

The quickest and easiest way to effectively kill the moths in your rugs and carpets is to hire a moth removal company in New York City such as Green Choice Carpet.

You can call Green Choice at 1-212-201-0529. When you call Green Choice, we can set up an appointment for one our certified technicians to inspect your rugs and carpet for moth damage as well as for cleaning for no obligation.

Our technician, after his inspection, will give you an affordable quote to remove moths from your rug and to clean it.

If you like our quote, we will pick up the rug and bring it our rug cleaning factory.

After the cleaning is finished, we will can you to arrange a delivery date.

The rug pickup and delivery are free.

How Do You Eliminate Oriental Rug Moth Infestation?
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Keeping your rugs and carpets free of stains and carefully inspecting them for moth damage is the best way to protect your rugs.

If you are planning on storing your rugs you should carefully examine the rug to make sure there are no signs of moths. If you store a rug with moth eggs, they have destroy large parts of it very quickly.

If your rugs already have moths, examine to see which rugs have them and need to have the moths killed. Compared to other pest such as bed bugs, moth removal is a fairly straightforward process but using a professional rug cleaner such as Green Choice will make sure that the moths are completely destroyed during the cleaning process.

When Green Choice gets your rugs, we will place your rug in a cleaning pool and soak your rug in a green solution that will clean your rug and remove moths completely.

Only soaking the rug will remove or destroy the deeply embedded moth eggs.

How Moths Damage Your Area Rug

Moth eggs and larva feed on protein fibers such as wool and silk, but they can also feed on synthetic fibers if they have any protein or any organic substances.

This means carpets and rugs made from man-made fibers such as synthetics can suffer moth damage if food, beverages and even urine have been spilled on them. Adult moths are no threat to your rug. But they will lay their eggs and larvae that will eat the fiber as they grow.

Moths lay their eggs close to a food source such wool, fur, or fabrics with food stains.

When the larvae emerge within a few weeks, they will feed on fabric for months! Moth eggs are small and are usually attached to the base of wool rugs or carpets, or even beneath them, making moth eggs removal difficult.

But their damage is easy to spot if you see holes in the fabric or an area that suddenly loses its fibers.

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We can help you solve this problem today! If your rugs or carpets are damaged areas, our rug repair workshop can repair those damaged rugs and carpets! For our rug clients, we have a free pickup and delivery service.

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