Rug Repair

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If your rug is damaged, Green Choice’s New York City rug repair service can help.

From holes to discoloration and everything in between, we can evaluate the damage and handle your rug repair from start to finish.

Our rug restoration experts are industry professionals capable of reweaving even the most complex antique and oriental rugs back to perfect condition.

Rug repair is not only one of our most customized services, but one of our in-house specialties.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. A service technician will first inspect your rug and provide an absolutely obligation free quote.

If approved, we offer free pick-up and delivery service, at your discretion, to make the process as easy as possible.

Give us a Call Today for a Free Rug Repair Estimate, it’s Quick, Easy, and Obligation-Free! 1-212-201-0529

Rug Repair Types

We service all rug types with a specialization in imported rugs such as Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Pakistani rugs, Indian rugs, and Egyptian rugs.

However, at Green Choice there is no job too small! Even if you are looking to repair a newer throw rug we gladly offer our free consultation or even an instant estimate by phone.

If you need rug cleaning and rug restoration, call Green Choice today!

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Why Choose Us?

We make the process as easy as possible:

  • We offer a Free rug repair price over the phone, so give us a call and let us know what type of repair you need done.
  • We also offer a 100% no-obligation, Free, On-Site Consultation. Not all rug repairs are easily priced over the phone, so schedule an appointment and we will send a rug expert to your home to evaluate any damages.
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is more than happy to explain your rug repair options with you to help you make the right restoration decision.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, all rug repairs are made in-house, not outsourced. That is why we can stand behind our 100% service guarantee.
  • Our in-house rug repair service is competitively priced since we don’t outsource our work.
  • We are located in the heart of New York City, so our Free Consultation, Free Pick-up, and Free Drop-off services are fast, easy, and hassle-free.
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