Moth Rug Damage in New York City

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If your rug is made from a natural fiber such as wool, cotton or silk, you should inspect it every month to see if there are any signs of moth infestation.

Depending on the type of moth, you will see either small holes in the rug or even areas with the pile eaten away.

If you have a moth infestation or want to have a free inspection for moths in New York, call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning  NYC and we can send one of our cleaning technicians for a free on site inspection and to get a free quote to remove moths from your rugs.

How Do Moths Damage My Rugs?

Because moths and their larvae are difficult to see, chances are you will see the results of their infestation before you actually see them.

The type of damage you get depends on the types of moth are in your rug.

One of type of moth will create a cocoon for their larvae and they will eat around the cocoon.

For this type of moth, you will see very small holes in the rug that go down in the pile. Another type of moth will just lay many eggs in one spot.

This is the most damaging type of moth infestation since it can quickly create a bald spot in your rug as the larvae eat away at wool.

Once the larvae start to eat the wool you will start to see areas with the wool missing and cotton foundation remains since moths prefer to eat wool and not cotton.

If you see loose fiber on your rug, you should carefully check your to see signs of larvae eating into the rug.

Since moths prefer to lay their eggs in dark areas without traffic, you should check parts of the rug that under sofas, tables, and chairs.

Once a moth has located a food source, they will come back again and again so you need to remove the larvae and clean the rug to discourage moths from laying more eggs in your rug.

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If your rugs have moth infestation or you want a expert to look at your rugs, call Green Choice and we can set up a free on-site inspection of your rugs for moth damage in New York.

Our moth treatment service is affordable and will get your rugs free of moths.

If you want to repair moth damage, then we can also fix holes for a great price.

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