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NYC Oriental Rug Cleaning
best oriental rug cleaning in New York City

Inspects Each Rug Before Cleaning

An Oriental rug is a rug that was handmade in the Middle East but outside of Iran.

This includes many different countries including Morocco, Turkey, India and Armenia.

The history of Oriental rugs goes back centuries and the craftsmanship continues to carry on the ancient methods of making handmade rugs.

While these rugs are called Oriental they come from diverse artistic traditions. Each area has its owns traditions and this creates the distinctive artistry of each rug.

The symbolism of a Moroccan rug is different from an Afghanistan rug.

Because the dyes the are made from local plants, even the colors can have a distinctive hue.

But wherever the rug originated, these are elegant creations that need to be looked after and cleaned if you want to keep its looks and protect it from wearing out.

If you want to have your Oriental rug cleaned, you should make sure that the cleaners knows how to clean the rug and will not damage it during cleaning. If a cleaner uses the wrong cleaning solution, or if a rug has pet urine, the dyes can run and damage the rug.

Green Choice Carpet inspects each rug before cleaning and makes sure the best cleaning process is used.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC has its own advanced rug cleaning factory where we give Oriental rugs a deep cleaning that safely removed dust, stains and odors.

If your rug needs a repair, we provide a full range of repairs from fringe replacement to color restoration.

With our trained and experienced staff, we can make your rug look just like new again.

We have our own state of the art rug cleaning facility and a staff that is trained in cleaning delicate rugs. Our cleaning process is the result of our decades of experience in the rug cleaning industry.

Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC

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organic cleansers to make your Oriental rug look new again.

At Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC, we will individually examine your Oriental rug and formulate the best method to thoroughly clean your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye.

You need a technician who understands the procedures of Oriental cleaning rug correctly and who knows not to use chemicals that would degrade the dyes or machines that would damage the weave and fiber of the Oriental rug.

Our expert Oriental rug cleaner will hand wash your valuable rug using only Eco-friendly green cleansers.

The technicians who will handle your rug are rug cleaning experts, who have decades of rug cleaning experience, and will use the most effective tools and organic cleansers to make your Oriental rug look new again.

oriental rug cleaning company NYC
Oriental Rug Cleaning In New York City NYC
Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me In New York City NYC
Our Little Story

Something About Us

At Green Choice oriental rug cleaning NYC, we know you have carefully selected your oriental rug  to add color and style to your living space.

We are proud to help you protect your beautiful rug so that it can remain the worthy investment as the years go by.

Beautiful rugs are not supposed to become dirty because of the color and style they add to our homes. Unfortunately, they get easily stained and soil and attract pollutants like pollen, germs and mot.

But Green Choice technicians are ready to restore your rugs to their former beauty.

Cleaning your oriental rug is the job of professional cleaners that use the latest technology and specially formulated cleaning solutions to deliver remarkable results.

Our unique rug cleaning technique offers you 100% satisfaction. Green Choice oriental rug cleaning NYC provides specialist cleaning services for different kinds of rug with different weave and fabric.

Your luxurious oriental rug  is a great investment which adds style and color to your home and you need to carefully handle it to prolong its life so that you can you can enjoy it for long.

A freshly-cleaned rug is odor free, brighter and has clearer colors.

Whether the problem with your oriental rug  is long-standing smells caused by pets or liquid spill, we will restore it to the beautiful rug it used to be. Call us today in NYC.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

After a careful inspection of your rug our technicians will determine the best procedure to remove all the stains, dirt, other matter from your rug.

The first stage of our Oriental rug cleaning is a gentle hand washing of the rug that will deep clean the rug, purging out dirt, stains, odor and other matter caught deep in the rugs fiber.

Our green rug cleaning solution uses only natural enzymes and contains no chemical that would degrade or harm the fiber or dye of your rug.

Our gentle hand rug washing will clean and restore the color and shine of your Oriental area rug.

We do a deep cleaning that purges out the dirt and other types of matter and restores the rug’s softness and shine.

If you want more information about our New York Oriental rug cleaning, call us to learn more, or arrange to chat with one of our trained staff.

green Oriental Rug Cleaners In New York City NYC

Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

While an oriental rug is a very durable it can also be damaged by improper cleaning techniques.

We have seen many rugs ruined by the use of the wrong cleaning solution.

Green Choice Oriental rug cleaning NYC has been in operation for over two decades and many on our staff have a decade of experience in the rug cleaning business.

We are also a green company and make sure that your rug cleaning is chemical free.

Our NYC Oriental rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the know how to clean your Oriental area rug and extend its life and value.

We can arrange a pick up and a delivery of your rug at no charge.

We will arrange a time that is convenient to you.

Call us at 1-212-201-0529 to chat with a representative.

If you want we can arrange for a technician to visit your home, and after examining your rugs, can give you an estimate for cleaning them.

Your oriental rug is valuable and Green Choice of New York City has an experienced staff of oriental rug cleaners ready to serve you.

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