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Keep out of the sun: One of the most important things you can do to protect your Persian rug is to keep it out of direct sunlight – close your blinds when possible to prevent fading and discoloration, especially for antique Persian rugs.

Rotate your rug: Although it may seem fairly obvious, many people forget to rotate their rugs several times per year.

By doing so, it allows your rug to wear evenly and lessen the severity of “high-traffic” area stains as well as sun damage and fading.

Alternate the pathway: When your furnishings are placed upon your Persian rug, it creates a “pathway” that leads to more wear & tear on certain parts of your rug.

By moving the furniture slightly over the course of the years, you’ll reduce the chances of extensive wear on one area of your valuable rugs.

Handle fringe with care: When your rug’s fringe becomes matted or tangled, do not comb or attempt to vacuum, as this will only damage your Persian rug.

Instead, flip the rug end over end to realign and smooth twisted fringe – simply grab one end of the carpet and walk it over to the other end; once the rug is upside-down, the fringe will naturally straighten itself out with a few gentle shakes.

Vacuum with caution: Even though it’s important to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis and prevent dirt from becoming ground into the fibers, vacuum Persian rugs with caution.

You’ll want to clean them carefully, especially if they’re antique or vintage – if you can adjust your vacuum, turn off the beater bar to avoid snags and tears.

As a precautionary measure, you may wish to sweep delicate, older rugs first to remove any surface debris.

Clean spills right away: In the event that you happen to spill something on your Persian rug, be sure to remove any excess liquid immediately with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Never use soaps, bleaches or detergents; simply dab the stain from the edges towards the center to prevent it from spreading further.

Next, place paper towels or a clean, dry cloth under the carpet to prevent further damage to the back of the rug.

To remove any set-in stains, use only water; it is best to leave difficult stains and soiling to a professional rug cleaning service to avoid further damage, especially if the rug is valuable or antique.


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Expert Persian Rug Cleaning

As you can see, there are several simple steps you can take to preserve the lifespan of your Persian rug – however, when it comes to cleaning, stain removal, rug repair, re-weaving or other types of restoration, you need the help of a professional Persian carpet cleaner who knows how to properly handle and clean Persian and Oriental rugs.

The rug care experts are specially trained technicians who are capable of restoring your prized Persian rugs back to their original splendor.

Green Choice is one of the premieres New York City Persian rug cleaning companies.

Call us to talk to a representative or we can arrange for a technician to visit you and inspect your rug for a free cleaning estimate.

At Green Choice, we perform our Persian rug cleaning in our dedicated rug cleaning facility to ensure your rug receives the only state of the art cleaning from our hand washing vats to our temperature and humidity controlled drying rooms.

When you need to deep clean your Persian Rug in New York City calls Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC.

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Carpet Cleaning in NYC The Green Choice Way

We specialize in cleaning Persian in NYC

Persian rugs have long been considered the finest rugs in the world and are very valuable.

They are the results of a centuries old artisan tradition that has been passed on through countless generations.

The manufacture of the rug is often done in a local village.

The dyes are the products of local plants and are made in the local village. It is this adherence to the traditional methods of rug craftsmanship that gives a Persian rug its value.

If you own a Persian rug, you should keep it clean and use a professional cleaner to keep the rug free of dust and remove stains and odors.

In return, you will have a rug whose beauty will last for decades and value will increase as it ages.

When properly maintained, a Persian rug can last for generations.

But if you neglect the rug and do not keep it free of dust and stains, its value will diminish and the dust can damage the rug.

Green Choice Carpet has over two decades.

We specialize in cleaning Persian and Oriental rug. Our staff is trained to know the best way to clean your rug. Before we even clean the rug, our staff will inspect the rug and note any conditions that can effect the cleaning process.

This is important because if urine is present in the rug, it can cause the dyes to run.

Because we use a neutral PH cleaner, our cleaning will not cause any color run, but urine can weaken the dyes and cause a color run.

Often people who try to clean pet stains at home are surprised to see color run, but this is because pet urine weakens the bond between the dye and rug fabric.

Any liquid will cause the dye to run and ruin the rug.

During our cleaning, we add a special solution that stabilizes the dye and blocks it from discoloring the rug.

Once our inspection is over we dust the rug with a special machine to removes any loose dirt and other particles from the rug.

Once the rug is dusted, we pre-treat any spots and stains and odors.

Then we place the rug in our cleaning pools and let is soak in the cleaning solution.

Once the rug is thoroughly soaked, we hand clean the rug and work the detergent deep into the rug.

Soaking is the only way to ensure that dust is completely removed from the pile and that stains and odors gone from the rug.

After cleaning we give the rug a rinse and then spin the dry the rug.

Then we place the rug in our drying room.

Our fast drying procedure is important because mold and mildew can start to form in 48 hours.

When you get the rug back you will the amazing results we have given our customers for the last two decades.

Carpet Cleaning in NYC The Green Choice Way
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