Should You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning?

Jan 23, 2022
Should You Vaccum After Cleaning carpet

Vacuuming is a process in which the carpet is cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner pulls a pressure and creates a vacuum in the area of application which in turn results in the movement of all the dust particles stuck in the carpet towards the pressure zone inside the carpet cleaner. 

There are multiple opinions regarding this question concerning different professionals. 

You may see that some professionals come up with an opinion that you must vacuum the carpet after carpet cleaning whereas some coming up with an opinion of vacuuming is a part of carpet cleaning and it is not a necessary step which is to be repeated after the whole process.

In this blog, we will help you to come to a conclusion about your doubts in situations where vacuuming after carpet cleaning is necessary.

You can also choose between various carpet cleaning processes which may help you in deciding to choose the right decision.


The Importance Of Vacuuming In Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is a very important step in the carpet cleaning process which is a major part of every professional’s cleaning techniques.

It can help you in removing major non-sticky specks of dirt and bags of dust from your carpet and can increase its durability.

In certain instances, vacuuming can also help in drying your wet carpet. It is an additional advantage that is treated as a boon in the cleaning process.

Vacuuming is so important that it is recommended to do it on a daily basis by yourself if you have a hair shedding pet.

The decreased time to make a carpet dry in less than 2 hours is an important advantage of vacuuming.

It also prevents the development of moulds and bacteria on the carpet that causes the spread of allergies and other diseases. These bacteria’s and microorganisms can cause major permanent diseases to humans like Asthma. The majority of the diseases caused are respiratory diseases.

Vacuuming also prevents bad odors coming from the carpet. The major causes for bad odors from the carpets are small food granules and moisture stuck in them. As carpet vacuuming removes it,  bad odors are prevented and freshness is restored.

These are the importance of vacuuming in a carpet cleaning process. You can use the vacuum cleaner any time at your will but to make it worthy, it should be used at regular intervals.

Now let us see the advantages of vacuuming after carpet cleaning.


The Advantages Of Vacuuming After Carpet Cleaning Process

There are many benefits to using a vacuum cleaner after the whole carpet cleaning process. They are :

  • Experts say that vacuuming after steam cleaning is a good choice as steam cleaning loosens some of the hard stains that are not removed in the common cleaning process. So after steam cleaning, if the carpet is vacuumed at certain pressure certain loosen stains and dirty particles get removed from the carpet.
  • In certain instances, vacuuming after the carpet cleaning process can also remove the smell of the chemical substances used in the cleaning process. The smell of these chemicals may be disturbing to some people and cause sneezing or other allergies.
  • Like we said earlier in the importance of vacuum cleaning, Vacuuming also removes the dust or the soil particles which are remained in the carpet after the cleaning process. This is the main advantage of the benefit of vacuuming after the whole carpet cleaning process.
  • Vacuuming after carpet cleaning plays a major role in the removal of moisture from the carpets which causes the growth of moulds. The prevention of the growth of these moulds is also a means to the prevention of respiratory diseases and allergies.
  • Moreover, The prevention of the growth of moulds can make your carpets look fresh as the white marks of moulds are detained due to the termination of the mould growth. This is a sub-advantage of vacuuming after carpet cleaning.
  • Vacuuming also helps in the removal of fallen lint on the carpet left after cleaning. This lint is fallen from the clothes in your home or the clothes used in the cleaning process.

Mainly Vacuuming after the whole carpet cleaning process is treated as a bit of final touch to make the work more perfect. The main advantage of vacuuming after carpet cleaning is to get rid of these useless substances from your carpets or rugs.

Like these advantages, there are also certain disadvantages to vacuuming your carpet after the cleaning process. Let us take a look at it.


Cons Of Vacuuming After Carpet Cleaning

There are certain disadvantages that make vacuuming after carpet cleaning an unnecessary process. They are :

  • According to the opinion of some professionals, vacuuming carpet after the carpet cleaning process is an extra burden or an unnecessary process. They say that no much better results are obtained on doing so when compared to the carpets excluded from this step.
  • Vacuuming very often can also cause damage to your carpets. As we all know that generally carpets are made of different types of fibers, Vacuuming very often results in the wear and tear of your carpet by losing its fibers due to the pressure from the vacuum cleaners. This will cause your carpet to worn out and rough to touch.
  • Some professionals have an opinion that vacuuming after the carpet cleaning process can stir up the chemicals that might be left behind on some parts of the carpets. This will cause the chemical of the carpet cleaners to spread and cause discoloration to your carpets.
  • There are also certain other instances that can cause discoloration to your carpet. Often the use of vacuum cleaners will result in this carpet discoloration due to the exposure of heat from the vacuum cleaners and its brittle brush end. So some of the experts don’t recommend vacuuming after carpet cleaning.
  • Some people do not consider vacuuming after the whole cleaning process to save energy and electricity. They consider this step as an irrelevant process and a wastage of time too.


Let’s Conclude

As some experts or professionals suggest not to vacuum the carpet after the whole cleaning process, some people follow these opinions considering to save cost and time. 

Whereas there are some experts or professionals who suggest vacuuming the carpet even after the cleaning process as a matter of final touch.

Considering the advantages and the disadvantages of this vacuuming at the final stage, We prefer to do this vacuuming process at certain times after cleaning. You can consider this vacuuming by leaving a one time gap between the cleaning processes.

As vacuuming is the first step in most professional cleaning technics, there is no need to vacuum carpets after cleaning them every time. So We recommend you to skip this step occasionally.

The type of your carpet and its strength is one of the other factors to consider while making decision on weather you should vacuum your carpet after cleaning or not. The type of material used to build your carpet and its strength and quality plays an important role in its durability.

We always recommend you to search for an expert opinion about your carpet. We hope you enjoyed this blog. Thank You.

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