Professional Rug Cleaning in New York

As any homeowner knows, keeping your house or apartment looking its best gives you a great sense of satisfaction – from daily tidying up and Spring/Summer-cleaning to purchasing new decorations for your surroundings, we all want our home to be our sanctuary and work hard to achieve those goals. When it comes to our carpeting, area rugs need some extra-special care to maintain their beauty as well as their cleanliness. If you clean your rugs on a regular basis, you will not only preserve them for years of enjoyment, but also maintain their value, which is particularly important to those who own an antique Oriental, Persian or other similar rug style. Expensive area rugs require a special regiment of cleaning, as they are made from delicate and costly textiles which need to be handled properly in order to safeguard their appearance.

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Why Choose Us?

If you happen to own valuable area rugs, you may want to consider green choice reviewsthe services of a professional rug cleaning business. Since most of us don’t have more than a commercial vacuum in our home, using the services of an expert can be beneficial in the long run. In addition to a wide array of appropriate tools and equipment, carpet cleaning companies also have years of experience in the industry, so they’ll be able to assess your area rug and determine the best method of cleaning and restoring your favorite area rugs.

The Benefits of Organic Rug Cleaning

Although there are a wide variety of rug cleaners throughout NYC, it’s important to research them carefully to decipher if their services will be appropriate, especially if you’re looking for a green or organic rug cleaning company. There are numerous benefits to using a carpet maintenance service that uses only all-natural products and cleaning methods: besides the obvious advantage of being better for the environment, they are also safer and better for the health of your family and household pets. Did you know that traditional carpet-cleaning companies use toxic chemicals that can result in a variety of health problems? When shopping around for a reliable rug cleaning service in NYC, be sure to choose one that offers organic rug cleaning services for the safest rug cleaning you can find for your family.

Our Rug Cleaning Technicians

Once you have chosen a professional rug cleaning service, a technician will come to your house to examine your rugs and find out the fiber content, what sort of dyes have been used (and whether they are color-fast or require special cleaning agents to prevent bleeding), and also what sort of stains or damage exist on your area rug. From there, the rug specialist will know exactly how to clean, restore and refresh your cherished area rug and return it to its former condition. As you can see, the average person doesn’t have the expertise to care for an area rug properly, particularly if it is old, antique or collectable. Using the services of a professional rug cleaner will not only add years to your area rug’s lifespan, but maintain its value & keep it looking just as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

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