Cleaning Your Area Rugs in NYC

With the popularity of hardwood and tile floors on the rise in the last decade, area rugs have become the decorators touch of choice – with an endless array of styles, colors and sizes, an area rug is the perfect accent to any room. Whether you prefer the regal splendor of a luxurious Persian rug in your suburban home or a contemporary throw rug in your NYC penthouse, an area rug is one of the easiest ways to pull the look of your room together when decorating a room. However, it’s important to care for your favorite accent rug properly so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Here are some useful every-day cleaning tips so that you can maintain the beauty and appearance of your area rugs:

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In order to determine the best area rug cleaning methods, it’s important to consider the size and fiber content of your area rug – green choice reviewswhile smaller synthetic throw-rugs and inexpensive accent rugs may be maintained by means of a vacuum and occasionally thrown in the laundry, larger and more costly area rugs require careful maintenance, particularly if they are made from natural fibers. Wool area rugs, bamboo accent rugs and other woven area rugs should be cleaned accordingly:

Although we all practice regular maintenance on our rugs – including vacuuming and spot-cleaning when necessary – sometimes you may require the assistance of a professional rug cleaning company, particularly for a deep thorough steam-cleaning or rug repair. Proper area rug maintenance is especially important if you are cleaning antique or vintage rugs, and is best left to the experts. In addition, choosing an organic carpet cleaning company is a wise decision, as it provides a safe and healthy method of cleaning your rugs, while ensuring your valuable rugs will not be damaged by harsh chemical treatments or detergents. If you want a professional area rug cleaning in NY then call GreenChoice now.

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