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Our Pet Stains and Odors Removal Service

If you have pet in the house, then you know that keeping yourcarpets and rugs cleaning is a daily effort. Even a well-trained cat or dog can have an accident and leave a nasty stain and odor that needs quick removal. Removing pet urine from your carpet can a challenge because carpets and rugs are made from a variety of fibers. Ifyou apply the wrong cleaner or use it incorrectly, it can damage your rug or carpet and leave behind spots. If you clean an expensive rug with a store-bought cleaner, you can damage the dye and cause a color run, which will degrade the value of the rug. When you decide that you want a professional cleaner for pet stain and odor removal in Long Island, call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, the experts on stain and urine removal. Call us at 1-800-984-4338 and you can speak to a friendly representative about your urine and stain removal needs. We can even send over a trained cleaning technician to inspect your carpets and rugs and tell you the best way to clean them and make them look like new again.

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Don't Let Pet Urine Damage Your Carpet & Rugs

if you leave pet urine in your carpet or rug, it can damage your carpet and lead to bacteria growth that can cause sickness. Cat pet urine, for example, will eventually turn into ammonia which will cause a strong and pungent stench. Urine will also damage the dye and cause spots in your carpet that will make your carpet look old and worn. If you have an Persian or Oriental rug with pet urine, the urine will damage the dyes and cause color run. This can ruin your expensive area rug, and the value of the rug will go down without professional restoration. This is why removing pet urine quickly and completely saves you money.

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