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Welcome to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. At Green Choice, our goal is to offer our customers the highest-quality, hassle-free, organic cleaning service at a fraction of the price. To ensure that we can provide the best service possible, we are different from most of the local carpet cleaning services located throughout the Long Island Area.

Unlike other carpet cleaners, we never outsource our work to contractors. By cutting out the middleman we offer very competitive pricing, but also, we guarantee that our technicians are the best in Long Island. All of our technicians are courteous, knowledgeable, and certified; that’s why we offer our 100% service guarantee, and that’s why we have so many satisfied customers.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to carpet cleaning. Most cleaners only offer simple ineffective cleaning methods, but at Green Choice, we offer various carpet cleaning procedures — all of which are completely green and safe for children and pets. Give us a call to get a Free Estimate today; we will help you select the perfect carpet cleaning method at a great price.

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Why Choose Us? Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island

We know that having your rug, upholstery, or carpet cleaned can be a chore, so we make every effort to make the process as easy as possible

  1. We are located in the heart of Long Island, and service all surrounding areas.
  2. Our staff is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable about the cleaning industry. We all strive to make your cleaning experience as pleasurable as possible.
  3. We offer same day service, just call to make an appointment at your discretion.
  4. We only utilize the most sophisticated organic cleansers, safe for the whole family.
  5. We guarantee our work, and don’t cut corners. Our services will ensure that stains will not return weeks or even days after cleaning.
  6. Our state of the art equipment and various cleaning offerings will satisfy any
A happy green choice client in long island after service
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