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Green Choice Rug Cleaning Long Island

Thanks for visiting Green Choice to learn more about our rug cleaning services in Long Island.

At Green Choice we offer professional carpet and rug cleaning and we use safe green cleaners for rug and carpet cleaning.

At Green Choice, our missions is to provide the most best rug cleaning service in the area but also convenient to use and affordable to our clients.

Towards this end we schedule any appointment at a time convenient to you and give a free pick up delivery to our rug clients.

From basic area rugs, to handmade Persian and Oriental rugs, Green Choice offers a highly skilled and professional service to make sure you get the best rug cleaning available.

Customized Rug Cleaning

Because not all rugs are made the same, we customized each rug cleaning job.

When our technicians inspects your rug they will design a cleaning process that will protect the rug during cleaning and deliver you a fresh clean rug.

Our technicians examine many aspects of your rug including the materials, dye and wear.

We have different cleaning methods, from large machine washing, to gentle hand-washing.

Our expert skill will restore its original beauty without sacrificing or damaging rug fibers.

When you select Green Choice rug cleaning, your rug will be handled by the most capable staff in the rug cleaning industry of Long Island.

At Green Choice, we have our own state of the art rug cleaning factory where our advanced rug cleaning equipment ensures that your rug is cleaned and dried in a method that provides a deep cleaning and will damage your rug.

Other companies will send out your rug to third parties but we do all our rug cleaning in house to ensure that all the work is done according to our high standards of quality.

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Organic Rug Cleaning

Green Choice utilizes only the most advanced green cleansers with all of our rug cleaning services.

All of our green cleansers are safe for children and pets, and won’t leave your rug with a noxious smell or a chemical residue.

When we return your rug, it will be free of allergens, dander, and dust-mites, without any chemical odors or containing harmful chemicals.

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