Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

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Our green carpet shampoo service will give your carpets a deep cleaning that removed out embedded dirt, stains and odors, leaving you with a carpet that will look like new again. If you have not had your carpets cleaned by a professional in a few years, you will most likely have dust and dirt embedded deep in your carpet. Regular vacuuming cannot remove dirt once it gets embedded in the carpet fibers. If too much dust gets trapped in the carpet fibers, it will start to damage the carpet and increase the daily wear and tear and create worn areas if not removed. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning carpet shampoo cleaning Long Island will penetrate into the carpets fibers and lift out the dust and dirt which will then be removed with our powerful commercial vacuums. If you are concerned about the use of chemicals in your home, Green Choice only uses certified green cleaning solutions. That way your carpets are not only clean and spotless, but free of harsh chemicals that can leave a residue. If you want a deep cleaning carpet shampoo cleaning in Long Island, then call Green Choice today for expert service and affordable prices..

Our Green Shampoo Cleaning Process

At Green Choice, we only use certified green carpet cleaning shampoo which contains no toxic chemicals that could harm the fiber or dye of your rug. Chemical carpet cleaners a behind a sticky residue if not rinsed properly that will attract dust to the fibers. Green Choice cleaners are biodegradable and safe for your home’s environment. Our shampoo cleaning will remove deeply embedded dust, stains, and odors from your carpet. Embedded dust increases the wear and tear because it will act will sandpaper against the fibers of the carpet. The more dust in the carpet, the quicker it causes fiber loss in your carpet. Our carpet shampoo removes dust from your carpet and helps increase the life span of your carpet. If you have stains that you cannot remove, even wine stains, or pet odors that will not come out. our carpet shampoo method can help remove these tough problems for good. 

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Why Professional Shampoo?

If you want to make sure that you get the best shampoo cleaning, then you need to call the professionals at Green Choice. Green Choice cleaning technicians only use the best carpet cleaning machines and we carefully chose the best cleaning solutions on the market. Our technicians are experienced and will make sure you get a cleaning that will satisfy your cleaning needs. If you want to schedule a shampoo carpet cleaning in Long Island, then call Green Choice today at 1-800-984-4338 and speak to one of our representatives, You can explain your cleaning needs and ask for a free quote, or arrange to have one of our staff to visit you at your home and examine what you need cleaning and receive a free price quote. So call today and learn more about our powerful but affordable shampoo carpet cleaning service.

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