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GreenChoice Silk Rug Cleaning Staten Island

Silk rugs are very delicate and need special handling whenever they need to be cleaned. Silk rugs are very costly and, if proper care is not exercised during even simple cleaning like spot removal, the dye and fiber can be ruined. That is why you need a real rug expert to handle your silk rugs. At Green Choice, our staff is trained and experienced in cleaning and repairing silk rugs. Green Choice only uses gentle, green cleaners on your silk rug because chemical cleaners can cause the dye to run or damage the silk fibers. Plus, we will give your rug a gentle hand washing silk rugs because machine washing can damage the delicate silk rug. Green Choice will make sure that your silk rug cleaning will be cleaned with the appropriate tools to make your silk rug look as vibrant as when you first bought it and protect it from damage.

Our Silk Rug Restoration Process

When we start to clean a silk rug, we lay out an effective cleaning methods that will remove dust, stains and odors from the rug while protecting it from any possible damage from the cleaning process. First, we only use certified green cleaning that will your rug a gentle cleaning. We do not use any harsh chemicals that would cause the colors to run and could damage the silk fiber, making it hard and brittle. We will soak your rug in a pool and give it a hand washing to remove dust, and stains. When we are finished washing it, we dry it out in our temperature controlled rooms that dry your rug and prevent any mildew or mold growth. In our rug cleaning factory, we have advanced rug cleaning machines that can quickly dry your silk rug to ensure that your rug is not damaged during the cleaning process. Other companies do not have our technology to provide the highest quality of rug care in the industry.

Once the rug is dry, we inspect it to make sure all stains and dust have been removed. After we are satisfied with our cleaning, we package your rug, and contact you to set up a delivery time. If your silk had been cleaned in several years and is looking dark from grim, you will be amazed after we clean it and return it back to you. We will restore the bright and vibrant colors back to the rug.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

When you need silk rug cleaning in Long Island, you should call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for the best cleaning service you can find anywhere. First, we can come to your home, give you a no obligation estimate, and take the rug to out factory. After we are done cleaning, we will bring the rug back to you at no extra charge. Other companies will make you bring the rug to them, but instead we come to you. Secondly, our price are competitive and we will make sure that you feel you got a great price for your rug cleaning. Finally, we provide outstanding service in cleaning silk rugs. Our technicians are experienced rug cleaners and, because we specialize in cleaning handmade area rug, we can provide you with outstanding service and knowledgeable staff to make sure you get the best silk rug cleaning anywhere.

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