Persian Rug Cleaning

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Green Choice Persian Rug Cleaning Long Island

At Green Choice, our Persian rug cleaning process will make sure you get the optimal cleaning for your valuable rug without any damage to it. Inexperienced cleaners can easily ruin your rug by using the wrong cleaning solution and cause the dye to run. We will carefully examine your rug and determine the best cleaning process. Your Persian rug is a valuable investment and important to your home. You should only let an experienced rug cleaning expert handle your rug. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has its own rug cleaning factory with a staff that is trained and experienced in cleaning all types of handmade rugs. When you need Persian rug cleaning in Long Island, call Green Choice for a free quote. We can arrange for a technician to visit your home for a quote and with a free pick up of your rug, and when we are done cleaning, free delivery as well.

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

We clean Persian rug in our exclusive rug cleaning facility that is set up to clean handmade rugs. When we receive your rug, a technician will examine it and determine the best cleaning methods. A Persian rug is made by materials chosen by its weaver and when it is cleaned, it is important to protect the dyes the from running. That was why we test for color fastness to make sure your rug is safe during the cleaning process. Once our tech determines how to clean it, we soak and hand wash your rug using a gentle, green cleaner. Soaking is a long process but it is also the only way to remove embedded dust, stains and odors from a rug. Other cleaning methods just clean the surface of the rug, but we deep clean it and release the dirt from inside the pile. When we are done, we dry your rug and then package it for delivery. Our office will contact you to schedule a time for out free delivery service. With other services, you need to bring them the rug to them and bring it back to your home, but with Green Choice, we do all the work for you.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Persian rugs are considered to be the most valuable and sought after rugs in the world. They are not only costly, but also the work of artisans who are both skilled rug makers but artists as well. While regular cleaning in the home is important, these rugs need a professional cleaning to remove embedded dust and tough stains and odors. Too often these rugs are ruined because inexperienced cleaners try to remove a stain with store bought stain or odor removers. If used incorrectly, this can cause the dye to run, ruining a section of the rug. Once dust settles into the pile of the rug, a vacuum cannot remove it. If you beat on the back of the rug and see dust in the air, that means your vacuum is not removing all the dust. Only a professional cleaning like Green Choice offers can remove that dust. Keeping your rug as free from dust is important because dust in the pile increases the wear and tear of foot traffic because it cuts into the fiber of the rug. Over time this can create worn areas where you can see the pile has diminished. A professional cleaning will remove this dust and help increase the life span of your rug.

If you have any questions about our Persian rug cleaning service, then call or email us today. You can speak to a representative on the phone or even arrange for one of our technicians to come to your home, and inspect your rug. The visit carries no obligation. If you do use our service, we offer a free pick up and delivery of your rug.

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