Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Green Choice Steam Cleaning Long Island

When you choose Green Choice Carpet steam carpet cleaning long island, you are choosing one of the most advanced cleaning processes for your carpet that is recommended by many major carpet manufactures. During our steam cleaning process, we will spray your carpet with our green cleaning solution, and then vacuum it up using our powerful commercial vacuums. Our cleaners will entrap the dust, and stains in our cleaning solution, and, as we vacuum up the solution, we leave your carpet clean and fresh again. If you are concerned about the use of chemicals in your home during the cleaning, at Green Choice we only use certified green cleaners that are free of the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals found n the regular carpet cleaning detergents.

Our cleaners is biodegradable and free of the chemical residue that is often left on your carpet when cleaned using chemicals. If you want to get your carpets clean and spotless again, then give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation visit by one of our technicians or talk to a representative for a cleaning estimate. We want to make your carpet cleaning as hassle free as possible so we arrange any appointment at the time you find convenient. When our technicians arrive, you will find them courteous and eager to help you with all your cleaning needs.

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Why Steam Cleaning?

For steam cleaning is the perfect cleaning method when if you have not had our carpets cleaned professionally for a while and want to get rid of some tough dirt and stains that vacuuming cannot remove. Steam cleaning is also a very cost-effective cleaning process that is powerful and also very affordable. This is why steam cleaning is the most popular way to professionally clean your carpets. Green Choice’s steam cleaning service is a cost-efficient way to maintain the natural beauty of your carpet by keeping them clean and chemical-free without the use of any harsh chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your children or pets. We only use the most state-of-the-art equipment and safest green carpet cleaning solutions that have been certified green by a third party. Once we have cleaned your carpets, we highly recommend that you use our carpet steam cleaning every six or twelve months, depending on the foot traffic on your carpets.

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Why Green Choice?

When you want great service, affordable prices, and green cleaning in your home, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the top choice for carpet steam cleaning in Long Island. Our staff is experienced technicians who will know the best way to clean your carpets and get rid of tough stains and odors leaving you with a cleaning carpet free of stains and odors. Call today and arrange for a free on-site visit by a Green Choice technician or call us and speak to a representative who will help you with your cleaning needs..

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