Persian Rug Cleaning

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Persian Area Rug Cleaning Long Island

If you live in Long Island and need your Persian Area rug cleaned, Green Choice Carpet has serviced Long Island for over 20 years. The best choice to perform this type of work is Green Choice Carpet because of our . This process typically takes five to seven working days to complete.

Initial Inspection

Rugs that are send to use for cleaning will go through an initial inspection. This is done to determine if a rug is delicate and to find and problems before beginning the cleaning process. We will note the type of material and the current condition of the rug before we proceed. Each rug that we receive will be tested for dye-bleeding. This happens when the dye used for the rug is weak and will run if exposed to water. The process of dye testing takes about 24 hours. The dyes in the rug will typically bleed just before the fibers start to dry. A special product will be applied to rugs when dye bleeding is an issue.

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Pre-Treatment and Dirt Removal

This step is a type of dusting that is used to remove loose dirt from the rug. Dried soils and dirt that are on the rug fibers can be deeply embedded. We may use a combination of compressed air and a vacuum to remove loose dirt from the rug. Vibration and beating may also be used to remove loose dirt. High-traffic areas of a rug will require pre-treatment to prepare for the cleaning process. This provides cleaning agents to have the maximum effect when the rug enters the washing stage.


The next step in the rug cleaning process is washing. This is done using a submersion bath technique to soak the fibers. Gentle agitation is used to clean all of the run fibers. Cleaning agents used on a rug will be environmentally friendly.


Rinsing of the rug is done after the washing stage is complete. Clean water is used to rinse off a rug of the cleaning agents and treatments that were used in the washing stage.


Drying is the last step in the cleaning process. Moderate air and humidity control are used to dry out all rugs at an even pace. Rugs should not dry too fast or too slow. Rugs that are fully dry are wrapped to be packaged and sent out for delivery to the customer.

A happy green choice client in long island after service
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