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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning rug appraisal service in New Jersey will provide you with important information about your area rugs. Many people in New Jersey bought handmade rugs or were given heirloom rugs that are decades old. Without the help of a experienced rug appraiser, you will not know if your rugs are considered as collectible or antique rugs. Having a professional appraisal is important to protect your investment in your rugs. If your rugs are damaged or stolen, you will want to get compensation for your loss, but if you do not have an appraisal, the insurance company will perform their own appraisal and not give you the compensation you consider fair and just.

If you were given an area area rug by a family member, chances are you do not know much about the rug. Quite often valuable handmade rugs are passed down to a family. These rugs could have been bought decades ago, but facts such as where the rug was manufactured and are not known. For an accurate appraisal you need to know when and where the rug was manufactured. Green Choice can help you with our rug appraisal services. Because our rug appraisers have decades of experience with many types of rugs, we can pinpoint when and where a rug was made. We can examine the quality and condition of the rugs. This type of knowledge is the result of the vast experience of our appraisers who will give you an accurate report on the value of your rug.

At Green Choice, our rug appraisers have decades of experience in the rug industry and have a detailed understanding of the current market conditions for all types of rugs. Our rug appraisal could not be any easier. You start by calling us and set up a no-obligation appointment for an appraiser to come to your home to examine your rug. Our appraiser will examine your rug tell the type of rug you have and it has market value. Then we will carefully document every detail of the rug including its origins and how it is was manufactured. We will examine the rug for any flaws or area where it need and restoration to preserve its value. Finally we give you a professional report that gives you the market value of your rug that you can use for your insurance. Our rug appraisal is not expensive , but are very affordable. After our report, you will know the age and origin of your rug, and what condition the rug is in.

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We Make On Site Visits for a Rug Appraisal


If you want to use our on site rug appraisal in New Jersey, then call us today and we will set a appointment based the times you want. You do not have to worry about how to bring the area rug to us; instead Green Choice will come to you. When you call Green Choice for our appraisal services, you will get an accurate report because all rug appraisers at Green Choice are certified experts with decades of experience in the rug industry.
During the appraisal we will carefully examine your area rug and generate and professional report. We will provide you with a formal letter that states our evaluation of the rug and its current market valuation.

Our appraisal letter can be used for your home insurance policy. If your area rug had a high market value, you may decide to sell the rug on the market or keep the rug as a family heirloom. When you need professional rug appraisal in New Jersey, call us at 1-201-215-2162 and ask about our affordable services.

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