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Welcome to Green Choice, the Premiere Green Carpet Cleaner in New Jersey


Green Choice is committed to give our customers a 100% green cleaning carpet service at an affordable cost.

In the last decade, green carpet cleansers have not only improved to the point that they now have as much cleaning power as the chemically based cleaners, but they have dropped in cost making them a more affordable option.

Green Choice decided that its time for green cleaning to no longer be a premium service for the few, but provided to all our customers at no extra cost.

Our green cleaning means that we do not use any chemicals that impact your home environment and the health of your family and pets.

If you want a green alternative to clean your carpet, rug, mattress, or upholstery, call Green Choice Carpets for a free no-obligation estimate today.

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Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning?


If you want to make sure that your home environment is free of any potentially chemicals then choose a green carpet cleaner like Green Choice in New Jersey. We only use 100% certified carpet cleaners.

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Why Us?

At Green Choice we only use chemical free organic cleansers that have been certified as being eco-friendly.

We only use green carpet cleaning agents that have undergone a certification procedure at a recognized lab and passed the test for “greenness”.

Many of our green carpet cleaning solutions contain common household ingredients, such as citric acid, salt, baking soda, antimicrobial salts, and enzyme-based cleansers.

In the past decade green cleaners have caught up to the regular chemical cleaners and are be just as effective is used properly.

Green Choice take great pride in making sure our customers receive the green carpet cleaning experience in New Jersey.

If you want to learn more call us today and you can speak to a representative.

For a Free Green Cleaning Estimate, give us a call today: 1-201-215-2162

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