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Cleaning Your Oriental Rug

For thousands of years, oriental rugs have been used in palaces, estates and homes across the world, enhancing any room by its artistry as well as keeping your floors warm.

While wool oriental rugs are a very durable carpets, they nonetheless require regular maintenance in order to preserve their beauty.

Once you know the appropriate techniques of cleaning and maintaining rug, you and your family will enjoy it for generations to come. Below, a couple of handy tips to bear in mind when caring for your oriental area rug.

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Cleaning Spills On Your Oriental Rug

In case you need to clean an inadvertent spill on your rug, we suggest the following course of action:

  • Treat the spilled liquid or substance as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading.
  • Never let a spill dry. This will cause the spill to set into the fibers and make removing the any stain much more difficult.
  • Use a damp cloth (only use water to damp it, not detergents or cleaner) to pick up as much as possible of the spill; blot gently until you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible. Do not rub the liquid as this might push it further into the fabric.

TIPS: Here are some things you should avoid when caring for your rug:

  • Do not beat or hit your oriental carpet to remove dirt, debris or dust – this can cause structural harm to the back of the rug or damage the woven threads of the carpet.
  • When vacuuming do NOT vacuum the fringes, as this may also destroy your carpeting.

Since the cost most oriental rugs range from the hundreds to the thousands, you may want to consult a professional rug cleaning company when you have a major stain or spill. If you live in New Jersey, an oriental rug cleaning specialist will be able to determine the most effective and safest technique of cleaning your oriental rug and enhancing its beauty.

Oriental Rug Cleaning In New Jersey
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Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

If you want to maintain your oriental area rugs so they are looking their best, there are some easy steps you can follow to preserve their beauty.

First, check areas on the rug which get high-volume traffic See if they are beginning to look dingy or worn. If they do then its time to rotate your rug.

Rotating your area rugs every year or two is a good way to spread out the wear and tear a rug takes.

Rug pads are another easy way to make your oriental rugs wear evenly.

They help soak up the wear of foot traffic and also prevent slippage making your rug safer to walk on.

When you decide it time give your oriental rugs a thorough cleaning, Green Choice Carpet are experts in cleaning and repairing Oriental rugs.

They provide an effective yet gentle rug cleaning alternative that is both safe for the environment and your family.

Green Choice is a green company which has the expertise to clean and restore oriental rugs in New Jersey.

Call us at 1-201-215-2162 to talk to a representative who can answer any question you have about our service and who can give you an estimate for your cleaning.

If need further information we can arrange for a certified rug technician to visit your home or office and examine your rugs.

They will explain how we clean oriental rugs and give you a free estimate.

We also offer a free pick up and delivery service to all our rug clients.

Call us and we show you why we offer the best oriental rug cleaning in New Jersey.

Can you take rug to the dry cleaners?

Cleaning your rugs with the cleaners picked in the store can damage your rug because most of the cleaners out there contain harsh chemical and detergents that can damage your rug that is why you shouldn’t try to give your rug to a dry cleaner.

Dry cleaner will go to the store and buy just any cleaner to clean your rug while professional cleaner will use a cleaning solution that will not damage your rug.

If you really love your rug, you should not give it to dry cleaners for cleaning.

Green choice  carpet cleaning has the expertise to thoroughly clean your rugs, call us today.

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How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

When it comes to the cost of cleaning a rug, you don’t have to break the bank to get the job done.

Unlike many rug owners think, professional rug cleaning is not expensive. And hiring a professional to clean your rug is the best way to protect it.

The cost is $2 – $5 per square feet. Despite the fact that your rug can be very dirty and has stains from spillages, pet urine and food crumbs, the cost will still be between $2 and $5 per sq ft.

Green choice carpet cleaning  offers professional rug cleaning at an affordable price, contact us for a free quote.

Can you steam clean area rugs on hardwood floors?

No. Water is the enemy of hardwood floors and when water soaks into the wood, it can damage it permanently.

When you steam clean your rug on hardwood floors, the wood will be soaked, expand, warp and discolored.

Even you shouldn’t clean your newly sealed wood floor with water because there might be missed spots in the sealant.

A single scratch is enough to allow water to enter your hardwood floor and cause it to swell, warp and discolored.

Many people think because the wood floor is shining, it cannot be damaged by water.

Whenever water finds its way into the wood, it will damage it.

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Basic info about Oriental rug cleaning

If you’ve invested in Oriental rugs, you know how beautiful they can be in your home.

The only problem with rugs is that they will eventually become dirty because of the traffic they receive every day.

And most Oriental rug owners always neglect the rug when it comes to cleaning until the rug is soiled and stained.

These rugs are your investment and you should protect them by cleaning them regularly.

But the cleaning should be carried out by professional, not unprofessional cleaners that can use harsh chemicals on your rug. Call us for all your rug cleaning needs.

Basic info about handmade rug cleaning

Whether your handmade rug is a large area or small runner, regular cleaning and maintenance are required.

It is important to tackle all dirt and spills right away. There are different cleaning solutions out there; unfortunately, most of them can damage your handmade rug.

So using just any cleaner to clean your rug is not the best way to clean and maintain it.

We recommend professional cleaning. Professional cleaners specialize in handmade rug cleaning because they have been cleaning it for years.

Green choice carpet cleaning offers professional handmade rug cleaning service. We only use organic solution and small water to clean your rug. Contact us for all your rug cleaning needs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning In New Jersey
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