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Rug Carpet Cleaning New Jersey

Green Choice Rug Cleaning New Jersey

Welcome to Green Choice rug cleaning, the safe organic choice for rug cleaning and restoration.

At Green Choice, we aim to offer the most hassle-free, safe, and effective rug cleaning service in the area.

From basic area rugs to antique family heirlooms, Green Choice offers customized service to ensure you get the best rug cleaning available.

We clean rugs in our rug cleaning facility which has the most up-to-date rug cleaning equipment.

We also offer a free visit to your home or office by one of our technicians to give a free cleaning estimate and we also offer free pick up and delivery of all area rugs.

If you have handmade Persian and Oriental rugs, our highly trained staff has years of experience cleaning and repairing them.

Customized Rug Cleaning

The make, age, and coloring of your rug are but a few of the qualities that we take into consideration before suggesting the correct cleaning process.

Because rugs are made in a variety of methods we carefully examine each rug.

Some rug manufacturers recommend certain cleaning methods to ensure the safety of the rug during the cleaning process and need to be followed.

Handmade Persian and Oriental rugs are made from natural materials like wool and vegetable dyes.

Each of these types of rugs presents different cleaning problems.

That is why we use a variety of different cleaning methods, from large industrial machine washing, to gentle hand-washing, to ensure your rug is cleaned properly.

Even with the oldest of antique rugs, our experts are able to restore its original beauty without sacrificing or damaging rug fibers.

Rest assured, when you select Green Choice New Jersey rug cleaning, your rug will be handled by the most capable of our rug cleaning specialists.

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Organic Rug Cleaning

Best of all, Green Choice utilizes only the most advanced organic cleaners with all of our rug cleaning services.

Our certified green cleansers are safe for children and pets, and won’t leave your rug with a noxious smell.

When we return your rug, it will be free of allergens, dander, and dust-mites, without smelling noxious or containing harmful chemicals.

Call for a Free Estimate or Consultation in NJ

We make every effort to make your rug cleaning experience as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Feel free to call us today for a free rug cleaning estimate or schedule an appointment for our free on-site consultation.

We want to ensure that you make the right cleaning decision when you choose us for rug cleaning in New Jersey, and we are more than happy to answer any of your cleaning questions, by phone or in person.

And, if you do decide to schedule an appointment, we offer same day service, free pickup, and delivery!

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Customized Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning 

If your Oriental rug is looking dirty or stained and needs to restored back to its original luster, then call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for the number one rug cleaning service in New Jersey.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will bring back the original beauty of your oriental rug.

All cleaning and restoration are done at our exclusive rug cleaning factory.

We have all of the best equipment and products that will make your oriental rug look new again.

We offer the most competitive prices in the rug cleaning business.

You will love our high-quality work done by our rug experts.

What Is Your Cleaning Process?

All Oriental rugs are carefully inspected by our trained rug technician.

They will completely examine and search for any problem areas in the rug.

We will look for rips, fading, tears, stains, and holes in the oriental rug.

We will use a powerful vacuum that will pull out all of the pet hair, dirt and other particles in the rug.

The rug will be shampooed with green-friendly products.

All stains will be pre-treated prior to the shampoo process.

The fringes will be washed by hand and then the rug is dried.

We will place the rug in a temperature-controlled room that will efficiently dry the oriental rug.

What Happens After Cleaning?

After drying we can perform any repair work or add stain resistance to the rug if you want it.

We will carefully wrap and secure the rug prior to loading it into our vehicle.

The oriental rug will be dropped off at your location as scheduled free of charge.


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