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Leather Cleaning New Jersey

For centuries, leather furniture has been prized for its handsome good-looks, durability, and comfort. However, even the most rugged leather couches, chairs and settees require special care to maintain their appearance – if neglected over time, they’ll show signs of wear and tear. Maintaining your leather furnishings with household products is usually a temporary solution; in fact, many of these waxes and polishes worsen their condition.

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As anyone who has owned leather furniture knows, you can only do so much with traditional cleaning products – waxes merely provide a bit of sheen and provide very little protection against daily wear and tear. Eventually, you’ll notice signs of aging: cracking, splitting and even discoloration are common problems with older leather furniture. At Green Choice, we’ve engineered an exclusive series of leather treatment to renew the appearance of dull, worn-out furniture – whether it’s an antique leather ottoman or vintage sofa, our leather specialists will refurbish your pieces back to their former glory.

Green Choice has serviced the New Jersey community for nearly two decades, providing quality leather cleaning solutions. We are pleased to offer an assortment of green cleaning products and services, including Eco-friendly leather cleaning. Our professional staff of experts will restore, refurbish and renew the life of your leather furnishings so that you’ll be able to cherish them generations to come.


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Green Leather Cleaning

At Green Choice, we’ve mastered the art of leather cleaning: combining the age-old leather cleaning methods passed on through our family and implementing the latest green technology, we’ve engineered an effective, natural way to restore your leather and keep it looking great for many years. Below, an outline of our cleaning methods:

  • First, we cleanse the leather’s surface, removing any soiled spots or debris
  • Next, we moisturize the hide with special emollients, restoring the leather’s appearance to its original deep sheen
  • Finally, we apply our exclusive leather protectant to the hide to ensure your furnishings are safeguarded from everyday usage

Our staff values your time – after all, we know how hectic life can be. We’ve created a series of leather-cleaning treatments that will save you both time and money, as well as the life of your beloved leather furnishings.. Each of our cleansing and restoration treatments has been specially designed to minimize care between appointments. We put our all into every piece of leather furniture we refurbish so that it serves your family for a lifetime – all of our work is done on the premises and is backed up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The Green Choice Mission

Green Choice is committed to your complete satisfaction – from cleaning and restoring fine leather to complete carpet and upholstery care, our highly-trained technicians are dedicated to their craft. We have implemented a course of customer care that is unrivaled in the cleaning industry, and want to ensure our clients convenient, prompt, professional and seamless services, each and every time you choose our company. With unbeatable prices and friendly service, we look forward to becoming your neighborhood leather cleaning company.

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