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Green Choice Wool Rugs New Jersey

Wool has been the fiber of choice for handmade artisan rugs for centuries.

While wool rugs are very durable and can last for generations, using improper cleaning methods can permanently damage them.

This will not only ruin a work of art but also a valuable investment.

At Green Choice, we know that each wool rug is unique with its own special characteristics and we carefully examine every wool rug we receive and formulate a custom cleaning process based on your rug’s cleaning needs, its materials and how it is was woven by the artisan.

Only a certified rug professional who knows how to appraise a wool rug can properly clean a wool rug and not to use cleaning methods that would damage the fiber and dyes.

Our cleaning staff will clean your rug using only green carpet cleansers that are Eco-friendly and green.

This means no chemicals are involved throughput the cleaning process.

With a chemical cleaning you can have a chemical residue and toxins remaining in the fabric.

Since only green carpet cleansers were used you do not have to worry about any potential health risk if you have pets or children.

Green Choice has an experienced and certified staff and you can rest confident that your rug will be cleaned by experts.

After you experience our professional wool services you will see why Green Choice is the premiere wool carpet cleaning service in New Jersey.

Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

At Green Choice our rug cleaning experts treat each rug individually and formulate a custom process for your wool rug.

Each wool rug is examined to determine the best procedure to remove all the dirt, hair and stains.

Once the technicians makes a determination based on the condition of the rug a careful deep cleaning of the rug is performed.

During the cleaning process only organic and green cleaning solutions are used.

This means that your rug is being cleaned according to green industry standards which states that no chemicals are used and that cleansers must be biodegradable and leave behind no residue.

Our wool rug cleaning is just as effective as chemical cleaning but comes at no extra cost.

Green Choice has the skill and experience to clean and restore the life of your wool rug.

If you have any questions about our wool rug and wool carpet cleaning in New Jersey, call us at 1-201-215-2162, and we can arrange a chat with an expert technician about our wool rug cleaning service.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Home carpet cleaning solutions will not deep clean your rug.

Home carpet cleaners can clean the surface of your rug.

Deeply embedded stains, dirty and pet odor will remain in the carpet. The carpet cleaning machines that you rent at a store or even will not be as powerful as our industrial cleaning machines.

Finally you most likely will not have the knowledge of carpet cleaning solutions that one of our trained staff members possesses.

Any cleaning solution you put n your carpet or rug must be carefully chosen. A cleaner with strong chemicals could cause the dye to run or fade.

Also many carpet cleaners contain potentially hazardous chemicals and can pose a real health risk if you are not careful using them.

Even if you are careful you could still get dizzy and nauseous while you are cleaning the carpet due to chemical fumes.

A Green Choice technician will carefully match the cleaner to your rug and will use only organic cleaning solutions. Our deep cleaning methods will fully clean your rug restoring its luster and softness.

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