Pet Odor & Stain Removal

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Removing Pets Stains and Odors From Carpets

When you have pet in your home, protecting your floors and upholstery from pets stains and odors is a daily battle.

Even well-trained pets can have an “accident” on your carpets, and leave you scrambling to remove.

Pet urine can create a nasty stain and odor that needs to be removed quickly.

Once urine gets in a carpet, it can cause bacteria to grow as well as create nasty odors that can ruin your home.

There are many products on the market that promise great results but after using it, you do not notice any difference in the stain or smell.

If the solution is too strong it can cause a color run or create faded area in your carpet or rug that ruins their appearance.

If you want to remove pet stains and odors from you home and get rid of nasty odors, call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning and we get your home back to smelling clean and fresh and looking great again at affordable price.

If you need more information about our cleaning, a trained cleaning technician from our staff can come to your home and assess your carpets and rugs.

Our cleaning technician will explain how the will clean your home and give you a great price.

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Remove Urine From Your Carpet

When pet urine is left in your carpet or rug, it can cause severe damage to your expensive flooring.

Pet urine can lead to mold and mildew growth which is not only unhealthy but can permanently damage your carpets and rugs.

If you own a valuable Persian or Oriental rug, cat urine can degrade the dye and cause it rug or bleed.

If you want to maintain your floorings for years to come and avoid the expensive of replacing them, our cleaning services will keep them clean and fresh.

No longer will you be embarrassed by having a nasty odors in your home.

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How We Remove Pet Urine and Odors

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses a deep shampoo cleaning process that will restore your carpets and rugs so they are cleaning and fresh again.

First, we identify the areas that have urine and odors and pre-treat the areas with our powerful green cleaning agent.

Our deep shampoo treatment, lifts up deep and stains into our cleaning solution and are removed by our powerful industrial strength vacuum.

You will be amazed when you see the stains disappear as we clean your carpets.

To remove urine from area rugs we use our special rug cleaning formula that cleans dirt and urine off the rugs without harming the dye.

We first place your rug in our cleaning pool and apply an enzyme cleaner to break down the urine.

We then thoroughly rinse and dry the rug in our centrifuge machine to remove any urine from the rug. After the spinning is done, we clean the rug with our rug cleaning formula and then rinse and dry the rug again.

You will be surprised at how clean and fresh your rugs are again.

If your upholstery or mattress also has urine stains and odors, we can provide the same deep cleaning service.

Our stain and odor removal service in New Jersey will make your home look and smell fresh again once we get rid of the nasty pet stains and odors.

Don't Throw It Away, Clean It!

Do not throw away your expensive carpets and rugs if you think they cannot be saved. Green Choice Carpet can clean them and save you the money and time to replace them. Call us today and ask about our expert pet stain and odor removal in New Jersey at 1-201-215-2162.

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