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Steam cleaning is one of the most popular methods of rug cleaning in New Jersey. Steam rug cleaning is usually known as HWE services (hot water extraction) and has been hugely accepted due to its deep cleaning performance. Besides, it’s also liked as the process since it very affordable and quick. The steam rug cleaning begins with a good spray of detergent-water mixture deep into your rug and after that recovers the solution through an extractor that involves powerful suction. The dirty mixture is then placed into a holding tank. This holding tank could either be truck mounted or a portable option even.

The steam rug cleaning professional services in NJ usually employs a portable steam cleaner. However, though the cleaning measure is called “steam cleaning”, the water temperature is not heated up to the boiling point. In this process, hot or warm water is forced via jets to make a powerful and fine spray. The warm water comes in a mixture form blended with detergent which helps to dissolve all the dirt from your rug. Then it’s followed by a good brushing and rinsing on the soiled parts.

During the steam, rug cleaning Green Choice uses an agent called a defoamer to lessen the detergent foam, leading to minimum dirty residue on your rug fiber after the extraction. However, it’s nice to inform that the hot water used in steam rug cleaning methods help to destroy all the bacteria and germs in your rug leaving it disinfectant and hygienic. Finally, the process ends with the drying of your steam-cleaned rug in a separate drying room.

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