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How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Carpet In Brooklyn


If you want to have a spotless carpet in your home, you need to get it vacuumed and cleaned by professionals. Carpets or rugs need to be shampooed, chemically cleaned, and sometimes steam cleaned to remove the dirt and debris. In Brooklyn, carpet cleaning is essential as it will help keep your home clean and your family free of allergies. Most homes in Brooklyn have different types of carpets and rugs in the living rooms, bedrooms, and foyer. These areas are all high-traffic regions, and you need to clean the rugs and carpets for your family’s health.

Moreover, by cleaning the carpets, you increase the longevity of the rugs. Thus, if you live in Brooklyn, you are will have carpets in your home or apartment rooms. Get these cleaned regularly to make your home look beautiful and give it a clean appearance.  


Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn 

In Brooklyn, the price of cleaning a carpet can range anywhere from $100 to $225. The price of cleaning a carpet will depend on several factors, such as the size of the rug, the effort that has to be made to clean the carpet, and even the material with which the carpet is made. Some of the features of carpet cleaning prices in Brooklyn are as follows:

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost

1 Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Room

If you want to clean one carpet per room, you can pay $29 for basic cleaning of each carpet. However, you have to opt for a package of three rooms to enjoy this price.

2 Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot

You can even opt for carpet cleaning per square foot in Brooklyn. Here the cost of cleaning a carpet starts at $2 per square foot.

However, this is the introductory price, and it is not inclusive of the unique requirements you might have. For example, if you want to sanitize your carpet after cleaning it, it will cost more. Sometimes it is essential to have the carpets sanitized, especially if you have moved into a house that already has them installed. Here you do not know how the previous owners have used the carpets. Hence, it is best to clean and sanitize the carpets to ensure that there are no chances of diseases being spread from a dirty carpet.

What are the factors professional carpet cleaners use to calculate the cost in Brooklyn?

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in Brooklyn, several options are available. You can opt for steam cleaning, dry cleaning, anti-microbial cleaning or sanitization, and several options. Depending upon the cleaning you select, the carpet cleaning cost will change. Some of the factors that professional carpet cleaners use to calculate the cost of carpet cleaning in Brooklyn are as follows:


Size Of The Carpet

The first thing your carpet cleaner will consider while evaluating the cost of cleaning the rug is its size. If the carpet is quite extensive, then the cost of cleaning the carpet will be higher. Similarly, if the carpet is of a standard size, you can expect the cost to be lower.

Type Of Carpet

The carpet cleaning cost depends on your installed carpet. Delicate carpets made of wool and silk need special treatment. If you have moved into a house in Brooklyn with silk carpets, you need to hire professionals to clean the rugs. These require more care while cleaning. 

Cleaning Method Used

Professional carpet cleaners will fix the price based on the cleaning method when calculating the cost of cleaning a carpet in Brooklyn. If a basic cleaning can make your carpet as good as new, you can be assured that the price will be lower. But if the carpet is quite dirty and requires an extensive amount of cleaning, such as steam cleaning, shampooing, and sanitization, the cost of cleaning the rug will be higher.

Specialized Cleaning Will Cost More

Sometimes, homeowners opt for specialized rug cleaning such as ‘stain protection and sealing,’ ‘odor removal,’ ‘anti-microbial treatment,’ and many more specialized cleaning options. If you want to give the carpets and rugs in your home a specialized treatment to ensure that the cleaning is thorough and per your requirements, you will have to pay more.

In Brooklyn, professional carpet cleaning offers several facilities where you get the chance to give the rugs in your home a thorough cleaning. This is necessary to ensure no dirt or debris on the carpet. For example, when you opt for steam cleaning, the stream will dislodge any dirt or debris from the weaving of the carpet, and you will have a thoroughly clean rug. You can opt for it if you feel that the rugs in your home have dirt lodged in the weaving.

When you hire a professional to clean the rug installed in your home, you ensure your family’s health. The dirt and grime lodged in the carpet can lead to allergies and health problems, especially in children and the elderly in your family. When you give the rugs a thorough cleaning, you protect your family from such allergies. Thus, it is best to discuss with professional cleaners about the cleaning the carpets in your home need, and they will guide you regarding the price of cleaning the rugs.

What Variables affect carpet cleaning Prices in Brooklyn?

When you hire professionals to clean the carpets in your home, they will discuss several variables that can affect the price of cleaning the rugs, other than the size and type of the carpet. For example, you might think that if you opt for a particular type of cleaning, the price of cleaning the rugs in your home will increase. This is indeed a variable for fixing the price of cleaning a carpet. But certain variables will affect the cost of cleaning a carpet, and these are as follows:

  • Sometimes you cannot clean carpets and rugs on the site. This means you will need to hire someone to pick up the carpet to have it delivered to a suitable location where you can clean it. In most cases, professional carpet cleaning services offer pickup and delivery services. Depending upon the distance that the pickup and delivery service has to cover, the cost of cleaning the carpet will increase.
  • The overall cleaning and treatment of the carpet have to be factored in the cost. For example, the cleaning cost will increase if a particular treatment has to be given to the carpet, like moth repellant or a bug repellant. This is because the chemical treatment is carried out after the carpet is cleaned, as this is an added service, and you will have to pay extra for the treatment.
  • If your carpet needs repair work, you will have to pay for the additional service. Sometimes houses in Brooklyn already have carpets and rugs installed in the living room and bedroom. If you plan to get these rugs or carpets cleaned, you must be prepared to pay extra for the repair work. In addition, you must repair the damage done to the carpet; otherwise, the damage will only increase.

Carpet Cleaning Methods available in Brooklyn 

There are several methods by which you can clean your carpet. But the first thing that you should remember is never trying to do it by yourself. For example, if you have spilled coffee or a drink on your carpet, do not try to clean it with some chemical or abrasive material. You will only make the matter worse! Instead, you should hire an expert carpet cleaner to help you remove the stain. Some of the best carpet cleaning methods available in Brooklyn are as follows:

Steam cleaning

In this method, steam generated from boiling water is passed through the carpet to dislodge the dirt and grime. This is one of the best and the most effective methods to clean a carpet. Sometimes organic chemicals are added to the steam to increase its effectiveness. With the help of steam cleaning, you will find that you can remove the dirt, grime, grit, and stains from the carpet.

Anti-microbial cleaning

This form of cleaning is essential in Brooklyn during the spring season when there is a significant amount of pollen in the air. This pollen can get trapped in the weaving of the carpet and make the carpet dangerous for your family. In addition, pollen can result in allergies and even cause cough and cold. Other than pollen, your carpet can become the home to allergens like mildew, mold, and other microbes. If you opt for a chemical treatment like an anti-microbial cleaning, you will ensure that your carpet does not have any allergens.

Thus, the methods available to clean carpets in Brooklyn are pretty varied, and the type implemented to clean the carpets and rugs in your home will depend on their condition and the extent of the damage.  The professional cleaners you hire will discuss the type of cleaning your carpets require.


Why hire Green Choice Carpet cleaners in Brooklyn?

Green Choice is one of Brooklyn’s best carpet cleaners and promises to offer you comprehensive carpet cleaning services. Our experts will discuss the type of carpet cleaning you need and the variables and then fix the price. You will find that we offer the best services at affordable rates. 

Does Green Choice Carpet Cleaners Brooklyn have upholstery cleaning?

Yes, we also offer upholstery cleaning. This includes cleaning items like the sofa, couch, and bed. Our experts will evaluate the upholstery cleaning that your home requires and give you the quotation.

Do they have rug cleaning pick up and drop? 

Yes, we offer a pickup and delivery service. This is essential in carpets and rugs that require a more thorough cleaning that cannot be cleaned on-site. Such carpets and rugs are brought to the workshop and cleaned thoroughly

Does cleaning carpets ruin them?

You must clean the carpets and rugs in your home regularly. However, it is also essential that you hire experts to do it so that the integrity of the carpets and rugs is not compromised. 

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