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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our cleaning service is customized to meet your rug cleaning needs. Depending on your rug type, we offer two primary rug cleaning procedures, machine rug cleaning (for machine made area rugs & throw rugs); and intricate hand washing (for antique, hand-made, or heirloom rugs).

Our machine washing procedure is very economical and extremely effective; while our hand washing method is a customized service that aims to clean and prolong the life of your antique rug.

If you have any questions about our different rug cleaning services, check out our rug cleaning procedural page, or just give us a call to learn more, or even meet with a technician.

Brooklyn Rug Cleaning Specialists

Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Over the years we have serviced many rugs that were damaged not by dirt, dander, or pet stains, but from improper cleaning methods.

And while the majority of companies for rug cleaning in Brooklyn are prepared to service your rug, there are still some that will inadvertently cause damage.

We have seen many cases of fading due to improper cleaning methods.

When shampoo residue is left behind, the incorrect cleaning solution is selected, or the color of your rug is not “set” before cleaning, your rug will look clean, at first, but will fade at a far more rapid pace than if it were cleaned properly.

Our in-house Brooklyn rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the experience to clean your rug while prolonging its life for generations.

Why Choose Us?

  • We only use Eco-friendly green rug cleaning solutions and procedures.
  • We know rugs. Our Rug Specialists and technicians are experts at rug treatment, rug repair, and rug reconditioning.
  • Our staff specializes in rug treatment, rug repair, and the latest rug cleaning technology.
  • We offer free pick-up and delivery for any of our rug cleaning services in the NYC area.
  • Our local Brooklyn rug cleaning service will arrive to pick-up your rug at anytime, even later in the evening to accommodate your schedule.
  • If you need advice about having your antique rug cleaned, we will gladly send a technician to your home to offer the most accurate estimate and explain our cleaning options with no obligation whatsoever.
  • We offer a free estimate by phone, so give us a call today.
Why Us?

Best Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn

In the heart of Brooklyn, Green carpets offer exclusive rug cleaning services in ways that other cleaning companies have no match with.

We offer the best of cleaning services in all of Brooklyn and its suburb as well as in all of New York City.

At Green service, we make sure cleaning is our priority, and a well-done job is what we always deliver to each of our clients.

How we make this possible is quite simple, we have a few tricks of up our cleaning sleeves that no other company uses, when you try our service, we do the needful to your rugs by subjecting them to the best cleaning conditions and bringing out the shine in them, we stop at nothing to make sure we provide you with a satisfactory result.

Owing to our team of dedicated specialists we make it seem as though no stain is too tough to be handled, our years of experience also plays an important role in helping us know the best method of approach to give our clients.

We have you and your products in mind and we totally understand how much your rugs mean to you, when you call us for a rug cleaning service we make sure we restore back the beauty of your rug through a thorough and deliberate cleaning method, unlike other cleaning companies that deliver a poor job and make your rug look worse than it was before, we bring perfection to your rugs no matter the nature of the material they are made from.

Professional Brooklyn Rug Steam Cleaning

We are loved by all of Brooklyn, and these are not mere words, our works speak for us and paves the way for other opportunities.

When you are in search of a professional and thorough yet affordable cleaning company to help you with your rug cleaning services, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning brooklyn is the ultimate choice for you.

We focus on only important things, and that is how to clean the rugs to your point of satisfaction. Another thing that might interest you is the way we apply our sixth sense in the cleaning process apportioning the appropriate cleaning methods to different rug materials.

We also help do the steam cleaning for rugs just in case you might be thinking about what another service we carry out.

Not all rug materials need a steam cleaning process, some only need a little hand wash, and that would suffice but in a case where we help make a thorough inspection of the stain and rug type then we can recommend steam clean, and that would help you solve your cleaning issues.

We readily have technicians working around the clock to help you bring back the color of your rug and even people to help you pick up your rugs to where they would be cleaned and returned to you in one piece.

With our steam cleaning service, you can be sure of a quick clean and dry process for a long lasting rug.

Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Baby Safe Product For Area Rug Cleaning

By definition, area rug cleaning is the cleaning of rugs that cover a specified area of the house or building or where ever the rug is to be used.

Area rug is one of the most used rug types and it is equally one of the most sought after cleaning service, with a lot of residential homes using such rugs to add beauty to their home, but of course these rugs get dirty due to frequent use and the need to make a good clean arises, this is where Green Choice steps in to help with a proper cleaning of the rug and also to make sure nothing is left untouched.

We are very aware of the fact that you have children and they are your treasure; we give you back that treasure by making sure your home is as hygienic as possible with our thorough work. We bring you a step closer to health as we make sure all stains and germs are removed.

One thing you must also note is our use of mild chemicals to clean your rugs such that they are not harmful to your children, things can be freely dropped upon your rug after we have helped clean your place and you have nothing to fear as touching poisoning or reactions and allergy, all processes and tools and products used for cleaning your rugs are a total guarantee of no side effects.

All products are baby safe, and our services are top notch.

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