Brooklyn Leather Upholstery Cleaning 

No matter where it’s located in our home or place of business, a leather piece of furniture is often the focal piece of the room, offering a timeless touch of elegance to our décor and a comfortable place to relax.

However, as anyone who’s owned a leather couch, chair or sofa knows, these furnishings require special care in order to maintain their luxurious appearance.

Over time, your favorite pieces may even show wear and tear – soiling, cracked upholstery and splits in the hide are all signs of aging that simply cannot be treated with ordinary household cleansers.

Although a damp cloth and some wax may keep them free from dust, your leather upholstered furniture needs a more refined and advanced maintenance regime.

Store-bought cleansers and polishes aren’t the most effective ways to care for your leather-upholstered furniture, since they merely sit on the surface of the hide, preventing the leather from ‘breathing’ and inadvertently causing additional damage to your furniture.

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn, we’ve developed a series of time-tested leather cleaning methods that will safely and effectively cleanse, renew and restore the appearance of your prized leather furnishings, preserving it for years of enjoyment.

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Green Leather Sofa Cleaning

Green Choice is proud to bring our customers the best of both worlds.

We have combined the time-honored tradition of leather cleaning, an age-old craft that has been passed down through our family over many decades. As an added benefit, we use today’s Eco-friendly cleaning treatments, utilizing only all-natural organic products so you can enjoy the benefits of green living while extending the life, durability and beauty of your cherished leather furniture.

Here’s an overview of our exclusive leather-cleaning process:

  • Our skilled technicians clean the surface of the leather upholstery, removing stains and other build-up
  • A special blend of emollients is applied to the leather’s surface to moisturize and protect the hide, refurbishing the leather to its former luster
  • Lastly, our leather specialists apply our premium leather protectant to the surface to safeguard your furnishings from normal wear and tear

Our staff recognizes the value of our clients’ time – as a result, we’ve formulated leather-cleaning methods to clean, restore and preserve your coveted leather furnishings.

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a modern piece, your leather furniture should last a lifetime, and our green-clean techniques have been engineered by our leather craftsmen to maximize the wear of your furnishings while reducing maintenance in between leather restoration appointments.

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Family Owned and Operated

As a family run and operated business, we’re proud to serve the community of Brooklyn as well as the NYC area at large.

From our unsurpassed customer assistance, leather expertise, superior artisans and unbeatable prices, we’re certain you will be pleased with our cleaning services.

For over 15 years, we have been the leading leather cleaning service in the Tri-State area – thank you for your continued patronage.

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