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Oriental Rug Cleaner in Brooklyn

For thousands of years, oriental rugs have been used in homes, estates and even palaces across the world, providing an elegant focal point in a room as well as a practical method of keeping your dwelling comfortable and your floors warm under foot.

Even though oriental rugs are a fairly low-maintenance method of carpeting your interiors, they still require regular cleaning in order to preserve their beauty.

Once you know the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining your oriental rug, you’ll be able to enjoy it for generations to come.

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Cleaning Spills On Your Oriental Rug

In the event that you need to clean an accidental spill on your rug, follow these helpful hints:

  • Be sure to treat the spilled liquid or substance as quickly as possible so that it does not spread.
  • Never allow the spill to dry, as it will set into the fibers and make stain removal much more difficult.
  • Absorb as much of the spill as possible with a damp cloth (water only; do not use any detergents or cleansers); blot gently and repeat until you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible.

TIPS: Here are several things you should NOT do when caring for your oriental rug:

  • Never hit or beat your oriental carpet when attempting to remove dirt, debris or dust – by doing so, you may cause structural harm to the back of the rug or damage the woven threads of the carpet.
  • When vacuuming your oriental rug, do NOT vacuum the fringed edges, as this may also destroy your carpeting.

Since most oriental rugs are costly – ranging in the hundreds to the thousands – you may want to consult a professional rug cleaning service when you have a serious stain or spill.

Whether you live in NYC or the surrounding boroughs, an oriental rug specialist in Brooklyn will be able to determine the best method of cleaning your cherished oriental rug without causing further damage.

Most Trusted Rug Cleaning in brooklyn NY
Most Trusted Rug Cleaning in brooklyn NY

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

In order to keep your favorite oriental area rugs looking their best, there are several simple steps you can follow to preserve their appearance. First, when you notice high-volume areas on your carpet are beginning to look dingy, it’s time to rotate your rug – rotating your area rugs every year or two will prevent them from wearing unevenly.

When you are ready to give your oriental rugs a thorough cleaning, look for organic rug cleaning services, as they provide an effective yet gentle carpet cleaning alternative that is both safe for the environment and your family.

Finally, rug pads are an easy way to ensure your oriental rugs wear properly – by providing them with the proper support, rug pads will maintain their shape and also make your carpeting safer to walk on. By following these tips, your coveted oriental rugs will last for many generations.

If you need a professional rug cleaner in Brooklyn Green Choice has two decades of rug cleaning experience in NYC. We will carefully examine your oriental rug and determine the most effective and safest cleaning process that will restore your rugs beauty and extend its life.

We are also a green company and only use 100% green cleaners that are chemical free and will not bring any toxins into your home or office.

If you need a professional rug cleaner in Brooklyn, Green Choice has two decades of rug cleaning experience in NYC.

We will carefully examine your oriental rug and determine the most effective and safest cleaning process that will restore your rugs beauty and extend its life.

We are also a green company and only use 100% green cleaners that are chemical free and will not bring any toxins into your home or office.

Call us at 1-718-360-0742 and talk to a representative or arrange to have a trained technician take a look at your carpet and give you an free estimate to clean it. We also offer a free pick and delivery that is arranged according to your time schedule.

Call and see why we provide the best Oriental rug cleaning in Brooklyn.

best oriental rug cleaner in brooklyn NY

If you are looking for the best oriental rug cleaner in brooklyn NY, then Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the company you are looking for.

Our technicians are very experienced in working with the most delicate hand woven and machine made oriental rugs.

We will pick-up your rug and bring it to our fully-equipped cleaning facility where it will be treated with the care it deserves.

Our experts will use cleaning techniques that will bring back the luster to your oriental area rug. Getting it cleaned at our location has many advantages. We will professionally clean, make repairs and dry the rug for you.

We use a number of different tools to repair your rug and will do it all by hand.

Most Trusted Rug Cleaning in brooklyn NY

Why Choose Us?

  • We only use eco-friendly green rug cleaning solutions and procedures.
  • We know rugs. Our Rug Specialists and technicians are experts at rug treatment, rug repair, and rug reconditioning.
  • Our staff specializes in rug treatment, rug repair, and the latest rug cleaning technology.
  • We offer free pick-up and delivery for any of our rug cleaning services in the Brooklyn area.
  • Our local Brooklyn oriental rug cleaning service will arrive to pick-up your rug at anytime, even later in the evening to accommodate your schedule.
  • If you need advice about having your antique rug cleaned, we will gladly send a technician to your home to offer the most accurate estimate and explain our cleaning options with no obligation whatsoever.
  • We offer a free estimate by phone, so give us a call today.
Why Us?

Hand Wash Only For Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Speaking of applying our sixth sense in all of our cleaning processes to help achieve the best rug clean, we have our special hand wash service but only for oriental rugs.

We provide this service to customers across Brooklyn and New York.

With our team of trained professionals, we uphold the highest standards in bringing an excellent washing and cleaning experience to your rugs.

We also make sure the highest standards are upheld in this cleaning process.

We do not hold back in offering the best hand wash to your oriental rugs, only the best formulas and products are used to initiate a thorough cleaning process, and this process is monitored till the very end.

Our seasoned professionals also make sure the processes are not left unattended to but strict supervision is also being offered to this hand washing process, so whatever the material your rug is made of, we are there to make sure we restore it to its former glory.

We make no mistake in applying our hearts in cleaning your rugs because it is what we do.

Green choice is a guarantee of quality, we make it seem like you have more value than just a cleaning job well done, our staffs and workers are all good and with enough experience to know how to go about the whole cleaning process, no customer ever regrets trying our service because it is one of the very best you can get in all of Brooklyn.

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Can Green Choice Carpet Safely Clean my 20 year Old Rug?

The age of the rug is not a problem for us. We can handle rugs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our experts have many years of training and experience in the rug industry. We welcome all kinds of rugs. We will give you a complete outline of all of our work. You will know upfront exactly what we can do for your oriental area rug. Our experts will explain the cleaning techniques and give you a time frame of when the work can be done. All of the arrangements will be made to pick up the rug and bring it to our facility in Brooklyn NY.

Do I Need to Get the Rug Ready for Pick-Up?

No, we will remove the rug from your floor and prepare it for transport. There is no need for you to stress over the rug, we can handle the removal. For your convenience Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers free pick up and delivery. Once the rug arrives to our location, it will be immediately inspected by our experts.

Will You Get Those Unsightly Stains Out?

Yes, the oriental rug will go through a pre-conditioning process. All stains will be treated with products that will not harm even the most delicate oriental area rug. After the stains are treated, we will begin the cleansing process. Your oriental rug will be washed by hand. Our experts will dry the rug in a temperature controlled room. Once the rug is dry, we will start the process of making the necessary repairs. We will go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Pick-up the phone or email us for your free consultation today.

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