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Uncompromising Dedication to Excellence

Green Choice Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn: Preserving Tradition and Elegance in Every Thread

In the heart of Brooklyn, where cultural diversity and a rich tapestry of traditions converge, lies a hidden treasure adorning the floors of many homes: Oriental rugs. These exquisite creations are not just floor coverings; they are woven artistry, representing centuries of craftsmanship and heritage. However, time and daily life can take a toll on these magnificent pieces, gradually dulling their luster and brilliance. That’s where Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn steps in, dedicated to preserving and enhancing the beauty of your treasured Oriental rugs.

The Treasures We Walk On

Oriental rugs are more than just decorations for your living spaces. They are repositories of culture, history, and artistry, each knot and thread narrating a unique story. These rugs, whether passed down through generations or acquired with care, hold a special place in your home, adding warmth and character to your surroundings.

As we tread upon them daily, these rugs collect dust, stains, and wear. Over time, the vibrancy of their colors can fade, and their intricate patterns can become obscured. This isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a concern for the preservation of artistry and history. Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn recognizes the significance of these rugs and the need for their care.

Your Trusted Partner in Restoration

At Green Choice Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn, we’re more than just a cleaning service; we’re the caretakers of tradition and elegance. Our mission is to restore the vitality of your Oriental rugs, ensuring they remain a source of pride and beauty in your home.

We understand that Oriental rugs are more than mere home furnishings; they are a cultural heritage, a testament to human artistry, and often, an investment of great value. That’s why we approach each rug with the care and respect it deserves. Our team of dedicated professionals, well-versed in the intricacies of Oriental rug cleaning, understands the unique needs of these pieces.

Uncompromising Dedication to Excellence

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond surface cleaning. We understand the complexity and diversity of Oriental rugs, each representing a unique heritage, pattern, and texture. Our services encompass deep cleaning, meticulous repairs, re-coloring, and restoration of moth damage, all performed with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your rug. We take the time to understand its origin, the materials used, and any specific problem areas. This allows us to tailor our cleaning and restoration approach to suit your rug’s unique requirements.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and eco-friendly solutions to gently but effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens. Our specialized stain removal process is designed to tackle even the most stubborn blemishes, ensuring your rug regains its original beauty. Odor elimination is another aspect of our service, leaving your Oriental rug smelling fresh and clean.

Preserving Tradition, One Rug at a Time

Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn is not just about making your rugs look new; it’s about preserving the tradition and cultural significance woven into each thread. Our re-coloring and restoration services breathe new life into rugs, ensuring they remain a vibrant and integral part of your home.

We also provide fabric protection services to safeguard your rug from future stains and spills, ensuring it remains a timeless piece of artistry for generations to come.

Eco-Friendly and Health-Focused

Our cleaning methods are not only geared toward aesthetics but also toward health and well-being. Oriental rugs can trap allergens and bacteria, impacting the indoor air quality of your home. We ensure that our deep cleaning process contributes to a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

Our eco-friendly cleaning practices not only protect your home but also our planet. We are committed to sustainability and responsible cleaning, ensuring that your rug cleaning experience is both effective and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn?

  • Cultural Understanding: We respect the cultural significance of Oriental rugs and approach them with care and understanding.

  • Expertise: Our team is composed of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who excel in Oriental rug cleaning and restoration.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to the environment ensures that our cleaning practices are responsible and sustainable.

  • Customized Solutions: Every Oriental rug is unique, and our cleaning approach is tailored to its individual requirements.

  • Health-Focused: Our deep cleaning process not only enhances aesthetics but also contributes to a healthier living environment.

  • Stain Removal Experts: We have the expertise and tools to effectively remove even the most stubborn stains, preserving the rug’s beauty.

  • Fabric Protection: We offer fabric protection services to extend the life of your Oriental rug and protect it from future stains and spills.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn is your trusted partner in preserving tradition and elegance, one rug at a time. Whether your rug is a family heirloom or a recent acquisition, it deserves the care and respect we provide. Join the many residents of Brooklyn who have entrusted us with their Oriental rugs and have witnessed the transformation of these cherished pieces.

Contact Green Choice Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn today, and let us breathe new life into your Oriental rugs, preserving the culture, history, and artistry they represent.


Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NYFor thousands of years, oriental rugs have been used in homes, estates and even palaces across the world, providing an elegant focal point in a room as well as a practical method of keeping your dwelling comfortable and your floors warm under foot.

Even though oriental rugs are a fairly low-maintenance method of carpeting your interiors, they still require regular cleaning in order to preserve their beauty.

Once you know the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining your oriental rug, you’ll be able to enjoy it for generations to come.

If you’re in need of “Green” Rug Cleaning Services, Give us a Call Today for a Free Oriental Rug Cleaning Estimate, it’s Quick, Easy, and Obligation-Free! 1-718-360-0742

Cleaning Spills On Your Oriental Rug

In the event that you need to clean an accidental spill on your rug, follow these helpful hints:

  • Be sure to treat the spilled liquid or substance as quickly as possible so that it does not spread.
  • Never allow the spill to dry, as it will set into the fibers and make stain removal much more difficult.
  • Absorb as much of the spill as possible with a damp cloth (water only; do not use any detergents or cleansers); blot gently and repeat until you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible.

TIPS: Here are several things you should NOT do when caring for your oriental rug:

  • Never hit or beat your oriental carpet when attempting to remove dirt, debris or dust – by doing so, you may cause structural harm to the back of the rug or damage the woven threads of the carpet.
  • When vacuuming your oriental rug, do NOT vacuum the fringed edges, as this may also destroy your carpeting.

Since most oriental rugs are costly – ranging in the hundreds to the thousands – you may want to consult a professional rug cleaning service when you have a serious stain or spill.

Whether you live in NYC or the surrounding boroughs, an oriental rug specialist in Brooklyn will be able to determine the best method of cleaning your cherished oriental rug without causing further damage.

Brooklyn NY Rug Cleaning Specialists
Green Oriental Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn
best area oriental rug near Brooklyn
Area oriental rug cleaning brooklyn NY

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

In order to keep your favorite oriental area rugs looking their best, there are several simple steps you can follow to preserve their appearance.

First, when you notice high-volume areas on your carpet are beginning to look dingy, it’s time to rotate your rug – rotating your area rugs every year or two will prevent them from wearing unevenly.

When you are ready to give your oriental rugs a thorough cleaning, look for organic rug cleaning services, as they provide an effective yet gentle carpet cleaning alternative that is both safe for the environment and your family.

Finally, rug pads are an easy way to ensure your oriental rugs wear properly – by providing them with the proper support, rug pads will maintain their shape and also make your carpeting safer to walk on.

By following these tips, your coveted oriental rugs will last for many generations.

If you need a professional rug cleaner in Brooklyn Green Choice has two decades of rug cleaning experience in NYC.

We will carefully examine your oriental rug and determine the most effective and safest cleaning process that will restore your rugs beauty and extend its life.

We are also a green company and only use 100% green cleaners that are chemical free and will not bring any toxins into your home or office.

If you need a professional rug cleaner in Brooklyn, Green Choice has two decades of rug cleaning experience in NYC.

We will carefully examine your oriental rug and determine the most effective and safest cleaning process that will restore your rugs beauty and extend its life.

We are also a green company and only use 100% green cleaners that are chemical free and will not bring any toxins into your home or office.

Call us at 1-718-360-0742 and talk to a representative or arrange to have a trained technician take a look at your carpet and give you an free estimate to clean it.

We also offer a free pick and delivery that is arranged according to your time schedule.

Call and see why we provide the best Oriental rug cleaning in Brooklyn.

Best Oriental Rug Cleaner in Brooklyn NY

If you are looking for the best oriental rug cleaner in brooklyn NY, then Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the company you are looking for.

Our technicians are very experienced in working with the most delicate hand woven and machine made oriental rugs.

We will pick-up your rug and bring it to our fully-equipped cleaning facility where it will be treated with the care it deserves.

Our experts will use cleaning techniques that will bring back the luster to your oriental area rug. Getting it cleaned at our location has many advantages.

We will professionally clean, make repairs and dry the rug for you.

We use a number of different tools to repair your rug and will do it all by hand.

oriental rug cleaning brooklyn green

Can Green Choice Carpet Safely Clean my 20 year Old Rug?

The age of the rug is not a problem for us. We can handle rugs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our experts have many years of training and experience in the rug industry. We welcome all kinds of rugs. We will give you a complete outline of all of our work. You will know upfront exactly what we can do for your oriental area rug. Our experts will explain the cleaning techniques and give you a time frame of when the work can be done. All of the arrangements will be made to pick up the rug and bring it to our facility in Brooklyn NY.

Do I Need to Get the Rug Ready for Pick-Up?

No, we will remove the rug from your floor and prepare it for transport. There is no need for you to stress over the rug, we can handle the removal. For your convenience Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers free pick up and delivery. Once the rug arrives to our location, it will be immediately inspected by our experts.

Will You Get Those Unsightly Stains Out?

Yes, the oriental rug will go through a pre-conditioning process. All stains will be treated with products that will not harm even the most delicate oriental area rug. After the stains are treated, we will begin the cleansing process. Your oriental rug will be washed by hand. Our experts will dry the rug in a temperature controlled room. Once the rug is dry, we will start the process of making the necessary repairs. We will go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Pick-up the phone or email us for your free consultation today.

Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Oriental Rug in Brooklyn NY


A Oriental area rug that has recently been professionally cleaned in your home is one that provides you and your family with a truly healthy, sanitary surface.

Area rugs can attract allergens, bacteria and more, and these can affect the cleanliness of your home environment.

More than that, they can also make your home look dirty even after recently vacuuming the rug.

Deep cleaning Oriental area rugs does have many benefits, and you should take the time to schedule your appointment with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to put these benefits to use for you.

Keep in mind that when you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for this service, you can maximize these benefits by enjoying a free in-home evaluation and free rug transportation.

This is truly an affordable and convenient way to make your home cleaner and healthier.

Each of the companies that offer rug cleaning services in the Brooklyn area will have a slightly unique cleaning process.

When scheduling service through Green Choice Oriental area rug Cleaning, you will enjoy the benefits of a customer service-oriented approach to cleaning your rugs right from the start.

Your first call into Green Choice Oriental area rug Cleaning will result in scheduling a complimentary in-home rug evaluation.

This is a free service to you that yields a free estimate for customized cleaning services.

Keep in mind that factors like whether your rug is pure Oriental or a Silk blend, the thickness of the pile, and more will all dictate which method of cleaning will provide the best results for your rug.

You want to remove the signs of foot traffic, stains, and more from your rug without damaging it, and this evaluation is just one of the ways that Green Choice Oriental area rug ensures that happens.

All rugs are cleaned through an organic process that utilizes only cleaners with natural ingredients.

Further, with free pick-up/delivery, you can enjoy these benefits without additional cost and time for transporting the rug and without the need to even leave your home.


Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Oriental Rug in Brooklyn NY
best area oriental rug near Brooklyn
Area oriental rug cleaning brooklyn NY

Expert Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Oriental area rugs can add a spectacular splash of style and color to your space.

These rugs are delicate, exquisite works of art, and they require expert care and maintenance in order to maintain their beauty.

A Oriental area rug requires special care that other types of rugs do not require because of the fine nature of the fibers used to make them.

Expert Oriental area rug cleaning Brooklyn from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can help you to maintain the excellent look of your rug.

Pure Oriental area rugs are handmade, and they are exquisite pieces that demand the most careful attention for their care and maintenance.

However, not every Oriental rug is pure silk. Some Oriental rugs are comprised of a blend of silk and other fibers, and other Oriental rugs are actually not Oriental at all.

The deep cleaning process that is best for your own area rug will be based on the type of fibers in your rug.

Other factors like the age and condition of the rug, the dying process used on the rug, the weaving or knotting process and more should all be taken into considering.

When you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for Oriental rug cleaning, you will enjoy the benefit of a rug expert inspecting the rug and determining its specific cleaning needs.

The actual cleaning process used by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to clean your rug will vary based on the characteristics of the rug.

However, the company does follow the same steps to ensure that all customers receive the highest level of customer service available.

The process will include a rug expert visiting your home for a free inspection of the rug coupled with free transportation of the rug between its location on your floor and the cleaning facility.

Professional rug cleaning is necessary on a regular basis in order to maintain the excellent condition of your rug.

In fact, this is a process that you will want to use at least one time a year.

If your rug is placed in a high-traffic area of your home, you may want to use this service two or three times a year.

With regular care offered by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can enjoy the impressive look of your silk rug in your home for many years to come.

Professional Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Oriental Rug Brooklyn


Professional cleaning of an Oriental rug is generally recommended every one to two years.

This process removes stains from the rug and is an effective way to remove allergens, bacteria, and more.

Through the deep cleaning process, the rug will be cleaner and more sanitary.

Cleaning an Oriental rug requires specific skills and techniques, however, as these rugs are prone to damage from chemicals, water, and more.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will clean your silk rug with great care and expertise.

Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning services will provide you with the ability to enjoy the beauty of your rug for many years.

However, there may be times in your years of owning your Oriental rug when repairs and restoration services are needed.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning performs restoration for rugs that have been damaged by water, animals, pets and so much more.

The service includes matching the color of dyes, the type of weaving or knotting, the fibers and more to create a perfect reconstruction of the rug.

When you are in need of affordable professional cleaning repair and restoration Oriental rug Brooklyn, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the company to call.

With many years of experience in the local community as well as free rug transportation and a free in-home evaluation, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning strives to provide you with a convenient and affordable way to enjoy top-quality rug services.

You will own your Oriental area rug for many years, and you will require many professional cleaning and repair services over the course of these years.

Spend time learning more about Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, and you will see that this is the company you want to use for all of your rug needs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC
Oriental rug cleaner near Brooklyn
Area oriental rug cleaning brooklyn NY

Stain Removal for Oriental Area Rug Brooklyn

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers you the best solution for stain removal for Oriental area rug in Brooklyn.

Because of the delicate nature of Oriental, this material will not respond well to many of the store-bought stain removal products or even to using a significant amount of water to remove the stain.

Stains in Oriental must be removed with a great deal of care as well as with the right techniques.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers organic stain removal performed by rug experts.

The process begins when you call the company for an in-home stain evaluation.

The type of stain and your rug’s features will both be analyzed, and the best method of stain removal will be determined.

All stains will be removed in an organic way by using natural ingredients. These ingredients are safe to be used around pets, kids, and others who may be sensitive to harsh ingredients used in other stain removal processes.

The best care will be taken with your rug to remove the stain.

Most stain services will be completed in the Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s private facility, and the company will offer free pickup and delivery of your rug to this location.

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