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Green Choice Moth Removal and Repair in Brooklyn

It is a very unpleasant surprise to find out that your area rug or carpet has holes or chunks of missing fibers.

This means that your rugs or carpet have been attacked by moths and getting rid of them can be a challenging task.

The only sure way to completely remove moths from your rugs and carpets is to get a professional moth removal treatment from Green Choice at 1-718-360-0742.

Call today and you can arrange for one our certified technicians to come to your home and inspect your rugs and carpet for moth damage for no obligation.

Green Choice is the expert in protecting your wool rug from moths in Brooklyn.

How Moths Damage Your Rug

Moths feed on natural fibers such as wool, silk and cotton.

If your rugs, or carpets made from any of these fibers, then they are at risk from a damaging moth infestation. It is not the adult moths that damage your rug.

Moths will lay eggs in area that have their favorite food such as wool.

When the larvae hatch within a few weeks and they will start to eat on the wool for several weeks.

Because the eggs are small, chances are you will not see them until they start to damage the rug.

Since moths prefer to lay their eggs in dark areas, they will lay their eggs in parts of the rug that are under sofas, chairs and tables.

If you start to see loose fibers from your rug, then chances are a moth infestation has already started to damage your valuable rug.

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Our Moth Removal Is the Best in Brooklyn

The best way to prevent moth damage is to keep your rugs, and carpets clean and vacuum regularly to pick up and remove the larvae.

Any dropped food or juice should be removed since this will attract moths.

If you plan on storing any wool rug, you need to perform a careful inspection to make sure the rug is free from moths.

If you store a rug with moths, then when you finally open it there could large areas of missing wool. If you already have moths, Green Choice Carpet can help.

When we receive your rugs we can soak and clean your rug.

The soaking will kill the larvae and remove any proteins from food or juice that they like to eat. We will also wrap your rug in plastic and place it in a freezer.

This will not only kill moth larvae but any bacteria and other insects on the rug. Do not let moths damage your valuable rugs.

Call Green Choice for safe and effective moth removal services.

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