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Green Choice has proudly served the Brooklyn community for almost two decades, and we’ve come to the following professional conclusion: there is no such thing as a dust-free mattress.

An often neglected area during our household cleaning routine, a typical bed contains millions of dust mites, debris and other allergy-inducing matter that cannot be remedied by regular clean-up methods.

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Green Mattress Cleaning

It is a known fact that dust mites, dander and other matter that collects on our mattress and box spring can trigger a host of health-related issues, including chronic allergies, attacks in asthma sufferers, respiratory problems, hay fever, eczema and other similar conditions.

Since we spend a good portion of our lives in bed, it’s essential to pay as much attention to the cleanliness of your mattress as the rest of your home.

When you’re ready to give your mattress a deep, thorough and effective cleaning, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn offers an organic system that’s safe and healthy for your entire family, including kids and pets.

From Brooklyn and Manhattan to the outer boroughs of NYC, our customer service representatives are on-call 24/7 to set up a mattress cleaning appointment.

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Mattress Cleaning Process

When you’re ready to give your mattress a thorough cleaning, it’s important to know the difference between conventional methods and our Eco-friendly cleansing treatments.

While traditional mattress cleaning uses dangerous chemicals, we’ve developed an all-natural mattress cleaning system that’s safe for the whole family:

  • Step One: Your mattress is sprayed a 100% natural cleaning solution and then mechanically agitated to loosen surface dirt and debris.
  • Step Two: We carefully remove any stains or discoloration from the mattress lining to restore its appearance.
  • Step Three: Then, we’ll perform a deep steam clean to make certain all remaining dirt, dander or dust mites have been removed from the mattress fibers.
  • Step Four: Our mattress care specialists will rinse your mattress with an all-natural, ph-balanced, enzyme-based cleaning agent to eliminate any remaining irritants or airborne debris, restoring your mattress to its original comfort and softness.
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