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Green Choice Persian Rugs Cleaner Brooklyn

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn treats each Persian rug individually.

Each rug is examined by a certified rug technician who will determine on the best process to clean your rug.

Green Choice will use no chemicals that would degrade the dyes or machines that would damage the weave and fiber of the Persian rug.

Our Brooklyn Persian area rug cleaning expert will treat your rug using only carpet cleansers that are certified as 100% green as well as toxin free.

Green Choice’s certified technicians have over two decades of rug cleaning experience, and will use only the most effective and safest rug cleaning techniques to make your Persian rug look new again.

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning process is based on the condition of your Persian rug and your cleaning needs.

Since Persian rugs are handmade each rug has its own characteristics and needs.

How an Persian rug is made varies from artisan to artisan and you only want a real professional to handle your rug.

At many Brooklyn rug cleaners rugs are often outsourced since carpet cleaning is their main business. At Green Choice  Carpet Cleaning NYC we have our own rug cleaning facility and you can rest assured that only certified technicians will handle your expensive Persian rug.

Green Choice uses a gentle hand washing for Persian rugs combined with our organic rug cleaning solutions which contain only natural cleaning enzymes that gently clean the rug without harming the dye or fiber of the rug.

Green Choice hand washing process will deep cleanse the rug removing dirt, stain and pet odor as well as reviving the softness and shine of the rug.

Our hand washing technique will clean and restore the life of your valuable rug.

If you are interested in our Persian rug cleaning services in Brooklyn, call us to talk to a representative and , if you want to arrange to visit with one of our technicians about our Persian rug cleaning service.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Persian rugs are valued as works of arts and can last for generations as family heirlooms.

But we have seen many Persian rugs damaged through improper cleaning techniques.

Inexperienced cleaners can use chemical cleaners or machine wash the rug damaging its dyes and fibers.

Green Choice will protect the value of your Persian rug by carefully choosing only the safest and most effective methods to clean your rug.

We have an experienced staff, many with 2 decades of experience in rug cleaning.

Green Choice’s Persian rug cleaning specialists and trained technicians have the experience and tools to clean your Persian rug and extend its life for decades.

Call 1-718-360-0742 and talk to one of our representatives or arrange an appointment for a technicians to visit your home. All our consultations are free and carry no obligation.

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