Why Choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaning In Brooklyn?

Well, If you are doing research for hiring a carpet cleaning or rug cleaning company in Brooklyn. You must have definitely heard about Green Choice Carpet in Brooklyn. 

Not only in Brooklyn we offer our services almost in every part of New York City and various other places in the United States.

Do you know the history of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn?

Green Choice Carpet started as a family-owned business almost two decades ago in Brooklyn. We have expanded our business to several other parts of the city and are one of the most popular carpet cleaning companies in New York City.

The primary aim of this company is to provide seamless services to its customers without damaging the environment, your upholstery, and you. This is the greatest mission and vision of Green Choice Carpet.

In this blog, we will take a look at the worthiness of choosing Green Choice Carpet over other cleaning companies in Brooklyn. 

There are various reasons why Green Choice Carpet dominates this carpet cleaning industry in Brooklyn. Let us know more about Green Choice Carpet cleaning briefly in this blog.


Importance Of The Products Used By Green Choice Carpet For Cleaning

You may be worried about the product used by various carpet cleaning companies may cause harm to your carpet, your pets, and your family. 

Yes, you need to worry about all these things when hiring a carpet cleaning company but not in the case of Green Choice Carpet because we use completely organic green cleaners to clean your carpet.

The products we use to clean your carpets or upholsteries are less toxic or not toxic to the environment.

These products are specially certified by respective authorities in the United States to verify their authenticity in cleaning your carpets or rugs.

Now let us look at how Green Choice Carpet offers various services to their customers without damaging anything.


Steam Cleaning:

Our steam cleaning services for any of your carpets or rugs or any other suitable upholsteries will be the best option available.
We will guarantee you that our steam cleaning will extract all the dirt particles with the utmost power of the steam without using harsh chemicals.
Some professional carpet cleaning companies will use harsh chemicals in this process so as to extract every stain, but it is harmful to your family and as well as carpets.
We do not use any toxic or harsh chemicals that will damage your carpets, family, and environment.

Deep Shampoo Cleaning:

Deep shampoo cleaning is one of the advanced carpet cleaning methods where professionals use shampoo to remove tough stains from your carpets or upholsteries.
To remove these tough stains, carpet cleaning companies may use harsh chemicals that can leave stickiness on your carpet and damage any delicate material.
But at Green Choice Carpet, we use only natural or organic shampoo to clean your carpets or any other upholsteries.
Our green cleaning products are designed specially to have a mild pH value so that they can be used on any material effectively without causing any damage or side effects to anyone.

Deodorizing Carpets Or Upholsteries:

This is one of the major services that people may confuse that how can a carpet cleaning company deodorize a material without using chemicals.
But our powerful green cleaners have the power to remove bad odors from your carpets or upholsteries and change them into fragrances.
Your carpets or upholsteries are very much prone to foul odors if you have pets or small kids.
They may urinate on your carpets unknowingly which may lead to bad odors.
We use only certified organic cleaners to clean your carpets or upholsteries without leaving any toxic substances behind.

Spotting For Stain Removal:

Your carpets or rugs are meant to be spotted using a good spotter to remove any tough stains that are leftover in your carpets or rugs.
Using a good spotter is mandatory to remove any tough stains over your rugs or carpets.
If you are hiring Green Choice Carpet cleaning services, we will guarantee you that the spotter we use will be compatible with any material of rugs or carpets.
Unlike other spotters used by various companies, our spotter is 100 percent bio-degradable and is certified as a green cleaner by respective authorities.

The Team Of Professionals At Green Choice Carpet 

Almost 20 years ago, Green Choice Carpet started as a business that is run by their own family. But as years passed and time changed new technologies started hunting the carpet cleaning industry thereby increasing the competitiveness in this field.

Many companies started using harmful chemicals to get the rugs or carpets cleaned without considering their harmful effects.

As the technology advanced with time. The need for manpower laborers was not enough to meet the requirements in the industry. 

Carpet cleaning companies like the Green Choice Carpet required skilled technicians with professional knowledge to use their cleaning equipment and products in the right way.

Unlike old times carpet cleaning companies are using mastered professionals to carry out their work very accurately and efficiently.

In Green Choice Carpet, we have a team of certified professionals who can meet the requirements of this upcoming industry.

We assure you that our service will be the best in the industry. Our professional workers without damaging any of your stuff.

We also guarantee you that any damage that occurred by the mishandling of our professional workers will be compensated beneficially to you.

All of our experts are trained to use our green products the right way without any minimal deviation.

All you need to know is that you don’t need to worry about our workers when hiring Green Choice Carpet cleaning.

We don’t compromise on quality under any circumstances when serving our customers.

Green Choice Carpet VS Other Cleaning Companies


Green Choice Carpet is very different from other popular carpet cleaning companies in the United States. The technology we use and the service we provide is quite fascinating when compared with other popular cleaning companies in New York City.

There is only a limited number of companies that use green products to clean their customer’s carpets or rugs. 

The majority of the carpet cleaning companies use toxic chemical cleaners to clean carpets or rugs leaving harmful substances behind and damaging the environment.

Green Choice Carpet is the best green cleaning company in New York City with excellent customer reviews. We started from scratch and started expanding our services from Brooklyn to more places.

Now we are servicing almost everywhere in New York City with more pieces of equipment and products that are designed to remove all the unwanted stuff from your carpets or rugs.

Services Provided By Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Company In Brooklyn

Now let us look at various services provided by the Green Choice Carpet cleaning company in New York City.

Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning is one of the main services provided by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Company in the United States. We offer various packages that are specialized in various services to our customers. 

Steam Package:
This package of carpet cleaning involves, vacuuming, spraying, and steam cleaning that will help you to remove every dust particle and mild stains. This package will cost you around 29 USD per room if you are cleaning a minimum of 3 rooms.

Shampoo Package:
This carpet cleaning package is more advanced than the steam package. Selecting this package will give you services like Hot water extraction, carpet sanitizing, pet odor removal, and foot traffic removal. This carpet cleaning package starts around 55 USD per room if you have a minimum of 3 rooms.

Heavy-Duty Package:
This is the most advanced carpet cleaning package offered by Green Choice Carpet cleaning company. Under this package, you can get all the services mentioned in the above packages and other premium services like tough stain removal, over-spray protection, neutralizer, pre-groom, and furniture moving. This cleaning package costs around 65 USD per room if you have a minimum of 3 rooms.

Rug Cleaning:

Like carpet cleaning, Green Choice Carpet also offers rug cleaning services like Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and wool rug cleaning.
There are various rugs that have historical importance. It is necessary to clean them with utmost care.
We offer you the same packages as our carpet cleaning services for your rugs.
You can get our steam package starting at 2 USD per square foot. If you have a minimum of 8×10 Square Feet.
You can avail our shampoo package at 3 USD per square foot. If you have a minimum of 8×10 square feet.
We also have a heavy-duty package for your rugs which can range from 5 to 6 USD per square foot.
You should be aware that you can get price variations with respect to the material of the rug.

Upholstery Cleaning:

More than rugs and carpets, we are also specialized in cleaning your sofas and other upholsteries.
We have the best deals for you to clean your sofa or couch.
The packages for the upholstery cleaning service of Green Choice Carpet are as follows:

Love Seat: 
This package cost only 79 USD per sofa for cleaning your beloved couch or seat.

This is a more advanced cleaning package that costs you around 89 USD per sofa. You can use this package to clean more of a bigger sofa in your living room.

Sectional Sofa:
This is the most premium upholstery cleaning service offered by Green Choice Carpet. It will cost you around 125 USD to clean your sectional sofa with us.

Mattress Cleaning:

Mattress cleaning is an important service that many of us won’t care about because of thinking that changing the bed sheets will keep your mattress clean.
But, the fact is that your mattress is the place where more dust and bacteria are sleeping. You spend almost 8 hours a day in your bed continuously.
So you are spending a quarter of your day in your bed with those dust particles and bacteria.
You should clean it regularly to avoid discomfort and other diseases. You can call us to know the best rates for your mattress.

Rug Padding:

We also provide rug padding services on Green Choice Carpet to prevent damage to your rug due to rough floors or other surfaces.
We help your rugs with sticky or non-sticky grips of your choice. You can contact us anytime to know the best deals for you regarding rug padding.

Let’s Conclude

Here, in this blog, we have seen the reasons why you can choose Green Choice Carpet cleaning in Brooklyn.

We also use skilled professional workers to give you the best service. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get free estimates on hiring our services. Our professionals will be able to explain you more about Green Choice Carpet cleaning services.

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