Wool Rug Cleaning

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Wool Rug Cleaning Washington DC

Wool is the favorite rug fiber for handmade and luxury rugs because it is very soft yet durable.

If you want to maintain your wool carpet and to extend its life you should seek the help of a professional rug cleaner.

At GreenChoice, we will examine each wool rug individually and formulate the best process to clean your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye.

You need a trained rug professional who can evaluate a rug and can properly clean a wool rug and not use cleaning solutions that could to damage the fiber and dyes.

Our rug cleaning technicians will clean your rug using 100% certified green carpet cleaners which means when we return your clean rugs there will be no chemicals residues that could negatively impact your home environment.

Green Choice’s staff has decades of experience and you can rest assured that your rug will be handle by experts.

After you experience our professional rug cleaning service you will see why GreenChoice is the premiere wool carpet cleaning service in Washington DC and Virginia.

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Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

At GreenChoice our rug cleaning technicians evaluate each wool rug individually and create a custom cleaning process based on your wool rug’s condition and fiber content.

Once the rig technician decides on the proper steps to clean the rug, a deep cleaning of the rug is performed.

GreenChoice uses only 100% green cleaning solutions.

According to green industry standards we follow, no chemicals are used and that cleansers must be biodegradable and leave behind no residue.

Our wool rug cleaning is just as effective as chemical cleaning but does not cost anything extra. After rug areas that appeared faded or worn now now look soft and colorful.

Fibers that once were stiff are now soft.

Our cleaning does more than remove dirt but also reinvigorates the fibers.

This improve the carpet’s longevity and beauty.

GreenChoice has the experience and training to clean and restore the life of your valuable wool rug.

If you need more information about our wool rug cleaning in Washington DC or Virginia, call us.

We can arrange to chat with an trained rug technician who can explain more about our wool rug cleaning service.

We also offer free pick up and delivery service and will schedule a time you find convenient.

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Why Professional Wool Rug Cleaning?

Handmade wool rugs are valuable investments by their owners and are considered as works of arts. When your rug needs deep cleaning you should consult a professional cleaner who offers many advantages over home cleaning solutions. Home cleaning only cleanses the top of rug. It cannot clean dirty or stains cause in the pile of the rug.

If you chose the wrong cleaner, which may be to strong for the rugs dye or use it the wrong way you could cause the colors to run or face.

If you used a chemical cleaner and did not thoroughly rinse out the rug a chemical film or residue can develop over the fibers causing them to be sticky, and attract dirt and dust.

If this happens your rug will quickly become dirty again.

At GreenChoice we will protect your valuable investment by choosing the right cleansers and using time tested techniques in carpet cleaning.

All the cleaning will be done in our rug cleaning facility and will be handled by certified rug technicians. Our professional rug cleaning services will clean your rug and extend its life for decades.

Our wool rug cleaning in Washington DC is more affordable than you think.

Give us a call at 1-202-570-7105 and you can talk to a representative for an estimate or you can arrange for an appointment with one of our technicians to visit your home.

Once the rug is examined the technician will make a free estimate.

There is no obligation attached to this estimate.

We also offer a free pick up and delivery of rugs we service at a time you find convenient.

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