GreenChoice Steam Cleaning in Washington DC & Virginia

At GreenChoice, we believe that our Green Steam Cleaning service in Washington DC is an hassle-free and inexpensive method to give your rugs and carpets a light cleaning and freshen them up by removing odors and light stains. GreenChoice is a green company and we chose green non-toxic cleansers to clean your carpets and rugs. Our steam cleaning staff will remove the stains and dirt from your carpets and rug. If you are in Washington DC and need a professional steam cleaning call us for a free estimate. We can also provide same day service if we can arrange for a convenient time. If you rug has not been cleaned for several years and if you see heavy stains we suggest a deep cleansing shampoo.

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Why Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the ideal method to wash a lightly soiled or stained carpet or rug. And it is also a very inexpensive service. When our staff started to steam clean your carpet, they examine your carpet and select a cleaning solution that will be the most effective cleaner with our carpet. Then our steam cleaners will work the cleaning solution into the carpet with hot water. After letting the solution sit a bit they will then extract the liquid and cleansers using an industrial grade vacuum cleaner. With our steam cleaning service, we only use safest green carpet cleaning solutions and most advanced tools available on the market today. GreenChoice believes that should schedule a steam clean every 6 months. This will keep your carpets clean and fresh and extend their life.

Carpet Cleaning Washington DC

Why GreenChoice for Steam Cleaning?

At GreenChoice, we aim to provide the best steam cleaning service in Washington DC. We not only want to provide our clients with the best steam cleaning in Washington DC and Virginia but also the safest. We use only green cleansers which means they contain no harmful chemicals. Green industry standards maintain that no carpet cleaners can be used that can potentially hard the environment or pose a health hazard which GreenChoice only uses cleaners that are certified as green. If you read the warning label on home cleaners you will that they contain chemicals that are considered hazardous if used improperly. Our carpet cleaners are based on natural enzymes such as from citrus fruits or salts. Our steam cleaning service is both non-toxic and effective, without any extra costs. If you want more information call us for a free estimate. We also offer same day service. Call see why we have the best steam cleaning in Washington DC.

  • Only a certified technicians will come to your home and work on your rug or carpet.
  • GreenChoice uses only green carpet cleaners, that are safe for the whole family and pets
  • We will schedule an appointment convenient to your time. We can provide same day service.
  • Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable about carpet cleaning
  • We give a 100% Service Guarantee to our clients. 
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