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Although the majority of households strive to keep their dwellings neat and clean, many people are unaware of the health-risks found in an area we spend a good portion of our life: our mattresses.

Since we are in our beds about one third of our lives, it’s crucial to maintain these commonly-overlooked areas, which are a breeding ground for a host of health hazards, including dust mites, dead skin, viruses, air-borne allergens, mold, bacteria, fungi and other residual matter. Furthermore, if you allow pets in your bedroom, they may bring in additional microorganisms into your sleeping environment.

If you are serious about reducing health risks in your home, having your mattress professionally cleaned is one of the easiest ways to maintaining a hygienic household.

A thorough mattress cleaning will eliminate dust mites and related debris, which has been known to trigger allergies, eczema, respiratory illness, sinus conditions, eye, nose and throat irritation, and other similar health problems.

Clients who have used Green Choice organic mattress cleaning services noticed a marked improvement in their allergies and respiratory ailments.

If you’re located in the greater Washington DC area, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today and get on the road to a cleaner, greener night’s sleep!

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Our Mattress Cleaning Process

Cleaning your mattress is not the most complicated procedure, but there are several ways it can be done – and we’re confident that green mattress cleaning is far superior.

Although traditional methods may remove surface stains and dirt, they won’t provide a deep, lasting clean.

Additionally, conventional methods may even use harmful chemicals that you’ll be in direct contact with – not the healthiest mattress-cleaning solution.

At GreenChoice, we go beyond HEPA filters and common detergents.

Our patented 100% natural mattress cleansing begins with an organic solution that is sprayed directly on the mattress to remove surface stains.

It’s then mechanically agitated to loosen any embedded dust particles and pollutants.

Next, we treat any residual spots or discoloration to restore your mattress to its original condition.

Then, we’ll use a deep steam-cleaning treatment to penetrate the fibers of your mattress, removing a host of dust mites, allergens, bacteria and epidermal debris for a truly sanitized, sleep-friendly clean.

Finally, our mattress specialists rinse your mattress with a specially-formulated ph-balanced solution – this enzyme-based organic treatment is tough at cleaning your mattress but gentle on the fabric, leaving it as comfy as the first day you bought it!

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How old is your mattress?

How old is your mattress? Many people don’t clean their bed often because they cover it with linen.

Even if you cover your bed with linen, dust cannot stop accumulating on it. Your bed may well overdue for a professional cleaning.

If you need professional mattress cleaning service, contact Green Choice mattress cleaning today.

A clean mattress means a good night sleep.

Over time, your mattress starts to harbor bacteria, dust mite and germs, which are allergens that can trigger asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

Green Choice mattress cleaning cleaning solution is specially formulated to restore your mattress’s beauty and its original freshness.

Our professional experts can handle everyday contaminants such as bacteria, dust mites, mot, fungus, dead skin cells and pollen.

It is important to clean your mattress at least once in every 12 to 18 months.

That is the best way to improve your health and extend the life of the mattress.

A mattress can be a big investment, which is why it is vital to take care of it.

Not only that professional cleaning will sanitize your mattress, it will also provide a good night sleep and good health.

With our low moisture process of cleaning, we combine our expertise and latest technology to provide the result that is beyond your expectation.

So wherever you live in Washington D.C, we can help.

We proudly help residents of dc with the best, yet affordable cleaning services. We are just a call to clean your mattress, contact us today!

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