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GreenChoice Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Washington DC and VA

If your carpet or rug has deeply embedded dirt and stains, or if you have not cleaned your carpet in years then we recommend our carpet shampoo to deep clean your carpet. A carpet shampoo cleaning will penetrate into the pile of the carpet and remove heavy duty dirt, stains, pet odors. Our mild, organic cleansers will not harm your carpet but will rejuvenate the fibers, making them soft again. GreenChoice Carpets is green company and we only use organic cleaners that are biodegradable and leave no chemical residue behind in your carpets. GreenChoice green carpet and rug cleaners leave your carpets safe and non-toxic for your children and pets. If you want to know more about us call us at 1-202-570-7105 and speak to a representative who can give you more information on our deep cleaning carpet shampoo.

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Our Shampoo Cleaning Process

At Green Choice we use only certified green carpet cleaning shampoos which contain no chemical solutions that would harm the fiber or dye of your carpet or rug. Conventional carpet shampoos use chemicals and can leave a sticky residue on the carpet’s fibers that attract dirt and res oils the carpet. GreenChoice cleaners contain no chemicals but only natural ingredients and are biodegradable which means they leave no residue behind. Before GreenChoice starts with any cleaning they check your carpet and selects the best cleaner for your carpet. While the technicians applies the cleaners, professional shampooers massage the cleansers deep into the carpet. As the cleaners penetrates the carpet’s pile it will lift out the dirt, stains and pet odors by trapping it in the cleaning solution. Our industrial vacuums will then remove the shampoo from your carpet leaving your carpet thoroughly cleaned of dirt, odors and stains. If you want to learn more about our carpet shampoo cleaning in Washington DC and Virginia you can call us at 1-202-570-7105.

Carpet Cleaning Washington DC

Why Professional Shampoo Cleaning?

The staff of GreenChoice Cleaners have been trained by us to use best tools and techniques to shampoo your carpets. Our carpet cleaning machines are more powerful than the rentals machines you can find at stores. Home carpet cleaners only clean the surface of the carpet and do not deep clean the carpet. Conventional cleaners are chemical based, and if you do not fully removed the cleaner from your carpet a sticky reside will form around the carpets fibers. This reside will attract dirt and dust. As a result your carpet will be dirty again. Our cleaners are 100% green and chemical free. When our cleaners dry they are biodegradable which means they leave no residue behind. GreenChoice Carpets provides what we feel is the best carpet shampoo in Washington DC and VA. As a green company we also guarantee that your home will not impacted by any chemicals. No toxins or harmful chemicals will be used throughout the cleaning process. This is why GreenChoice Carpet Cleaner is the premiere green carpet cleaner in Washington DC.

To learn more about GreenChoice carpet cleaning services in the Washington DC areas and get a free consultation from our staff call us at 1-202-570-7105. You can also arrange for a home appointment with one our rug technicians. They can visit to your home and examine your carpets and rugs and give you a free estimate. There is no further obligation. If you need a carpet shampoo in Washington DC we will work at any time that is convenient for you.

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