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Green Choice Rug Cleaning

Welcome to Green Choice rug cleaning dc, the safe green choice for rug cleaning and restoration.

At Green Choice, we aim to offer the most hassle-free, safe, and effective rug cleaning service in Washington DC.

From basic area rugs, to antique family heirlooms, Green Choice offers a customized service to guarantee you get the best rug cleaning available.

Affordable Professional Cleaning Repair and Restoration for area rug in dc

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Washington, D.C knows how to bring the value back to your rug.

A cleaning and repair job with our services can go a long way.

We do re-weave jobs that will dramatically make a huge difference to your silk rug.

Our facility is state of the art. We can dye colors that will mix well with your silk rug.

All of the work is done by hand and we will completely restore the rug without causing more harm.

All Done in our Rug Factory In Washington, D.C

There is no job too big or small for Green Choice dc. We will re-weave a torn area in the rug and replace any missing fringes.

We will never use a machine that can be detrimental to your silk rug.

The craftsman or woman will re-knot and weave in small holes in the rug.

What We Do at Our Facility

First, we pre-inspect the rug to identify all of the imperfections that need to be corrected. Keep in mind that all of the work we do will be permanent.

Our experts will inspect the fringes on the rug.

We can replace the cotton fringes that make sure they are even in length.

Many people do not realize the fringes are actually holding the rug together.

We will fix detached side cords on the silk rug.

Do you have small holes and annoying tears in the rug?

Our craftsman will re-weave and damaged areas in order to prevent further harm to the rug. We will work out all kinks and curls in the rug at our location.

Let us restretch and reshape the silk rug for you. Our experts can also do size alterations.

How Much Do the Repair and Restoration Cost?

The cost will depend on how much maintenance is required. Labor will play a significant role in pricing.

Our expert will need to see the characteristic of your silk rugs such as age, fiber, color, knot density, and damage.

We will tell you exactly how much the work will cost after a complete inspection.

No work will be done without the customer’s authorization first. We will make all of the necessary arrangements for your rug at our facility.

You will be pleased with the results.

Customized Rug Cleaning

The make, age, and coloring of your rug are but a few of the qualities that we take into consideration before suggesting the correct cleaning process.

We offer different cleaning methods, from large industrial machine washing, to gentle hand-washing, to ensure your rug is cleaned properly.

Even with the oldest of antique rugs, our experts are able to restore its original beauty without sacrificing or damaging rug fibers.

Rest assured, when you select Green Choice rug cleaning, your rug will be handled by the most capable of our rug cleaning specialists in DC.

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Our Rug Cleaning Service

We offer our rug cleaning clients the easiest to use and best rug cleaning service in Washington DC.

Call us and we will give you a free quote and can arrange for one of our technicians to examine your rug and provide you with a cleaning estimate.

We will pickup your rug and delivery it back to you after cleaning for no charge. Plus, we clean all rugs in our rug cleaning factory which has the most advanced cleaning machines in the Washington DC area.

We take the headache out of getting your rug cleaned and our affordable prices will make you even more happy and satisfied with our service.

Call us today for a rug cleaning estimate in Washington DC.

It is quick, easy, and obligation-free! 1-202-570-7105

Professional Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Green Choice specializes in cleaning your oriental rugs.

We also offer a wide variety of repair and restoration services for our clients.

Green Choice is proud to say our products are environmentally safe and we believe in using the very best green rug cleaning products on the market.

For your convenience, our service will pick-up and deliver your rug at no additional cost to the customer.

During the free consultation, we will inspect the oriental area rug and check for any imperfections or damage.

Our expert staff will do a complete examination of the things that we can do to improve your rug.

They will take a measurement of the rug dimensions and give you an estimate of the cost for service. We will schedule a time to pick up the rug and bring it to our facility.

What Can Green Choice Do for My Rug?

We offer each customer a detailed explanation of what we will do for their rug.

We’ll remove all cat and dog hairs in the rug.

The stains will be pre-treated at our location and all dust will be removed from the rug. Our expert performs a dye test on every rug to avoid bleeding of the dyes in the oriental rug.

Do You Machine Wash My Oriental Rug?

No, Each oriental area rug is hand washed by our experts. It will be rinsed, and then dried in a temperature-controlled room with a dehumidifier.

This drying technique will reduce the chance of any shrinking.

We will groom the rug with a special brush that is designed for oriental area rugs.

Our services can restore faded colors and deodorizer the rug for you. Our experts will repair and fix holes left by cigarettes or moths.

We will match our yarn with the colors in your rug and weave in any torn areas.

When Will You Return My Rug?

We will do a final inspection to ensure that we did not miss any holes, tears or stains on the rug.

Our rug specialist can add 3M Scotch Guard and moth repellent for protection.

After the inspection, we will load your rug on our delivery van and return it to your home or office.

Our team of professionals will place the rug back on the floor of your home.

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Call for a Free Estimate or Consultation

We make every effort to make your rug cleaning experience as simple and hassle-free as possible. Feel free to call us today for a free rug cleaning estimate or schedule an appointment for our free on-site consultation.

We want to ensure that you make the right cleaning decision, and we can have a trained technicians visit your home or office and give you full explanation about our cleaning procedures and give you free estimate.

And, if you do decide to schedule an appointment, we offer same day service, free pickup, and delivery!

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Green Rug Cleaning in DC

Best of all, Green Choice utilizes only the most advanced green cleaners with any of our rug cleaning services. All of our certified green cleansers are safe for children and pets, and will not leave your rug with a chemical smell. When we get rug back, it will be free of allergens, dander, and dust-mites, without smelling noxious or containing harmful chemicals. Green Choice is proud to be leader in green home cleaning in Washington DC.

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