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Expert Carpet Stain Removal in Washington DC

Did you just spill something on your beautiful carpet and are worried about getting it out? Do you have stains on your carpet and want to get rid them before guest come over? Are you staying at a friend’s apartment and accidentally drop nail polish on her carpet? Have you tried your best and the stains just will not come out? Every carpet owner knows the anxiety of having to remove carpet stains but Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of DC offers you an easy and affordable solution to removing stains quickly and completely from your carpets. You can try stain cleaners from stores but they may not fully remove the stain, and using them incorrectly can damage your carpet. Instead you can call Green Choice today and ask for one of our cleaning technicians to visit your home and inspect the stains. Our staff will give you no obligation cleaning quote and can start the work right there if chose to use our services. Our cleaning staff is certified with years of experience removing tough stains like ink stains and many other types of stains and odors from carpets and rugs so do not think all is lost. You can chat or call us today at 1-202-570-7105. and we will get rid of those stains for good.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning professionals have years of training and experience, and we can remove many types of stains. This includes:

  • Red Wine Stain
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ink Stain Removal
  • Tomato Stains
  • Vomit Stain Removal
  • Oil/Grease
  • Wax
  • Juice Stains
  • Pet Urine
  • Nail Polish
  • Gum Removal
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Chocolate
  • And Many More!

How We Remove Stains

The Green Choice Carpet Cleaning stain removal process uses a deep shampoo cleaning process that penetrates deep in the carpet and rug and remove stains from your carpets and rugs for good. We start our deep cleaning process by identifying and pre-treating stained areas with our Eco-friendly cleaning solution to loosen them from the carpet fibers. During our shampoo cleaning, stains are trapped into the cleaning solution and then vacuumed up in our professional cleaning machines. You will be amazed at how quickly stained areas are restored back to like new conditions! If your rugs are stained, our own rug cleaning factory has state of the art rug cleaning machines to make sure that your rugs gets the best cleaning and stain removal service in Washington DC. We offer a free pick up and delivery so you do not even have to leave your house to get your rugs cleaned. When we clean your rugs, we soak them in an enzyme solution to break down stains and urine and then give them a thorough rinsing to remove them from the rug for good. We then give your rug a deep cleaning to remove dirt and make your rug soft and fresh again. If your upholstery and mattresses needs stain removal, we use the same deep cleaning process to remove the stains or odors. Call us today for more information about our service for carpet stain removal in Washington DC at 1-202-570-7105

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