Upholstery Cleaning in Washington DC – Do It Yourself or Use a Pro

May 21, 2013

The furniture for a residential home is an expensive investment that is frequently used. This means that keeping furniture looking good is important. The most common way to clean furniture is to use a damp cloth to wipe it down or by using a household vacuum cleaner. However, these steps do not remove the dirt and debris that becomes trapped into the fabric. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will provide you with professional upholstery cleaning in Washington DC and will restore a dirty piece of furniture to like-new condition.


Our experienced technicians use a multiple step process to clean upholstered furniture. The first step of this process is to assess the condition of the furniture in the home. Technicians need to inspect all of the furniture and note any issues, such as staining and any spots that are present.


One common problem homeowners face with upholstered furniture is staining. Stains and spots are the result of spills from liquids and dropped food. Two of the most common stains on upholstered furniture result from wine and coffee. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning pre-treats stains and spots with an enzyme that will not cause bleeding of the dyes in the fabric. Spots and stains easily dislodge from fabrics when the cleaning process is started.

Fabric Agitation

Hand tools are used to agitate the pre-treatment used on spots and stains. Hand tools will consist of hand brushes and sponges. Fabric agitation ensures any dirt ground into the fabric is dislodged. Agitation is a necessary step of the upholstery cleaning process.


Deep upholstery cleaning requires the use of a special cleaning agent to rinse away the dirt and soil out of the upholstery. A vacuum is used to extract the cleaning solution and leave no residue. Furniture will be restored to its natural beauty, be soft, and fully deodorized. Extraction allows the furniture to dry in under two hours.


Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in Washington DC uses products that are environmentally safe. Furniture cleaned by our professional upholstery cleaners will be free of residue and safe for pets and children. The cleaners homeowners can purchase over the counter may contain harsh chemicals.

Added Protection

A stain resistant layer is added to upholstered furniture after the cleaning process is complete. This will protect the furniture from all types of stains. The protection that is added to furniture at the factory is a temporary product. This protection will begin to wear away during normal wear and tear. The fabric on the furniture then becomes susceptible to stains and discoloration.

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