Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Washington DC Carpet Cleaner

Jun 13, 2013

Professional carpet cleaners provide many benefits over do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. Cleaning the carpets in a residential home or in a local business is done using methods not known to typical homeowners. A carpet cleaning Washington DC professional has years of experience and knowledge of different types of carpets. Homeowners can easily rent a carpet cleaner from a local home improvement store but the use of the machine often leads to less than positive results. Carpet cleaning is better left to professionals for many reasons.

Less Time Consuming

Homeowners who only have weekends to do home improvement projects often do not realize the effort and time needed to clean carpets. Cleaning carpets yourself requires going out and finding a machine to rent. Many people may not live in close proximity to a store that rents carpet cleaners. This means there is wasted time before the project can be started. Detergents and cleaning solutions need to be purchased that are suitable for the carpet in the home. There is also time and energy that is wasted when preparing the machine and the carpets for cleaning.

Results are Guaranteed

Cleaning carpets as a do-it-yourself project may not always produce the desired results. There will be a variety of variables that may affect the results. Consumer carpet cleaners may not fully get all the water out of the carpet. This can lead to a longer wait for the carpet to dry. Professional carpet cleaners often guarantee dry carpets in less than two hours.

Carpeting Will Not Be Damaged

The steam cleaning process used by carpet cleaning Washington DC professionals such as Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will not harm any of the carpet in a residential home. One of the main reasons homeowners have problems when using rental units is because of water saturation. Excess water on carpet can potentially cause mildew and mold growth.

The Use of the Specialized Equipment

A specialized water extraction process is used to wash away dirt and contaminants that are embedded in the carpet fibers. Consumer carpet cleaners typically do not do an effective job of removing embedded material. Professionals have access to equipment that is not available to a typical consumer.

Stains and Odors Are Easily Removed

Spot treatments are needed for any stains and odors on carpets prior to cleaning. Professionals apply an enzyme-based solution that will remove common stains and pet odors. Homeowners often use cleaning products that may only mask odors or even discolor the carpet. Difficult carpet stains and pet odors are easy for professional carpet cleaners to remove.

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