Clean Carpets and Your Home’s Air Quality in DC

May 21, 2013

The carpets in a residential home and local businesses contain all types of contaminants. This is one of the main causes of allergies. Dust mites, dirt, and other allergens embed themselves in the carpet fibers and lead to overall poor air quality. Vacuuming regularly will help to remove surface contaminants, but not those that are deeply embedded in the carpet. Deep cleaning is the best way to remove the dust and dirt from carpets. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in Washington DC provides this service.

Trapped Materials

Carpet has the potential to trap all types of material that lands on the surface. This includes dust tracked on from the outside, dust from an HVAC system, and food or other organic materials. Many materials in carpeting, such as pet dander and mold spores, are unseen by the naked eye. Allergies are the result of these almost invisible contaminants in carpeting. Walking on the carpeting pushes this material down into the fibers. Vacuuming may make the carpet appear clean, but contaminants will still be present. Steam cleaning the carpets is the best way to remove these contaminants.

Health Risks

Stains that are caused by spilled liquids, pet urine, and dropped food will be sources of food for various bacteria in the carpet. Carpeting that has been saturated by water after a flood can be dried, but a health risk exists as mildew and mold spores may be present. Mold spores are an allergen in carpet that causes sneezing and other respiratory problems. Dust mites in carpet are another allergen that is a major health issue in a home. Deep cleaning the carpets will easily remove dust mites and alleviate allergy issues.

Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners need to regularly vacuum their floors to remove surface contaminants. Vacuuming carpet should be done at least once a week. However, professional carpet cleaning needs to be done once each year. The best time to do this is during the spring when heating the home is no longer needed. Furnaces in a home are typically used throughout the winter season. If ducts contain dirty air, then particles often blow through the house and float down onto the carpet. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in Washington DC will remove the dust and debris that has collected on the carpets all winter.

Steam Cleaning

The process of steam cleaning uses water with a cleaning solution. This solution will saturate the carpet and wash away embedded contaminants. A vacuum is used to remove the water and allow the carpets to be fully dry in about two hours.

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