Wool Rug Cleaning Queens NY

Wool Rug Cleaning Queens

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Wool is considered as a premium fiber and is used in expensive artisan rugs from around the world.

A handmade wool rug is not only a beautiful work of art but also a very durable rug that can last for generations and still retain its original beauty.

Nevertheless a wool rug can be damaged if it is cleaned by improper methods or the wrong cleaners are used on the fiber.

At Green Choice, our trained staff has two decades of experience cleaning rugs and we carefully examine each rug and create a cleaning process that will safely but thoroughly clean your rug.

It is vital to have an trained rug technician who knows how to properly clean a wool rug and will not to use chemical cleaners that could degrade the carpet.

Our Queens rug cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean your wool rug in a gentle hand wash and will use only Eco-friendly cleansers.

If you choose Green Choice for your wool rug cleaning needs, you can be sure that your rug will be handled by certified technicians, who will use the best cleaning methods to revive and extend the beauty of your wool rug.

Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Each wool rug we receive undergoes a careful examination by a Green Choice technician.

After their examination of the rug, they will devise the best procedure to cleanse all the dirt, hair and stains from the rug in the most effective and safe way possible.

The technician will perform a careful deep cleaning of the rug.

Our green rug cleaning solutions contain no chemicals that would harm the dye or fiber of your rug and introduce potentially harmful chemicals into your home.

We are a green company and will not introduce any potentially harmful chemical into your home or apartment.

Our green cleaners will leave your rug fresh and clean of any dirt, stains pet odors and free of any chemical reside which are left by conventional cleaners.

Our wool rug washing technique will deep clean and restore the life of your rug.

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If you have additional questions, and want to arrange to chat with an expert technician about our Queens wool rug cleaning service, call and we can arrange for a technicians to visit your home at a convenient time.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Home cleaning solutions can only clean the surface of the rug. If you have heavy duty stains or deeply embedded dirty you need to get a deep cleaning that purge out the dirty, stains and pet odor.

Using home carpet cleaners also carries its own risks.

If you do not carefully select the proper type of cleaner and chose a cleaner with too strong chemicals, you can cause the dyes to run and the color will fade.

Home carpet cleaners often use ingredients that have received FDA warning but nonetheless are still sold over the counter.
If you use Green Choice rug cleaning services, we will use safe green cleaners that not only thoroughly clean your rug, but will not leave behind a chemical residue.

As a green company, we will not use any cleaner that negatively impacts your health or home.

That is why we only use Eco-friendly cleaners.

Green Choice only uses certified technicians who have the experience to clean your Wool area rug and extend its life for decades.

We are the premiere choice in the Queens for wool rug cleaners.

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If you use our services we will provide a free pick up and delivery of your rug.

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