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Green Choice Rug Cleaning of Queens

Welcome to Green Choice rug cleaning service of Queens. We specialize in green rug cleaning and provide a service that not only renews your rug but ensures its longevity.

If you haven’t experienced green rug cleaning before, we look forward to demonstrating the advantages of an Eco-friendly rug cleaning process and our competitive prices.

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Unlike traditional rug cleaning services, our process is completely non-toxic, safe for small children and pets, and will not leave an offensive smell behind like traditional petroleum-based cleaners.

Our cleaners are biodegradable and do not leave behind any residue that can attract dirt and dust.

Because green cleaners do not contain harsh chemicals, they are also safe for your rug and will not harm the dye, leaving your colors looking bright and vibrant.

Our Rug Cleaning Service

At Green Choice we can clean your rug in our state of the art rug cleaning factory, which typically takes about 5 to 7 working days depending on your rug type and cleaning requirements.

We carefully examine each rug before cleaning and make sure each rug gets a cleaning that fully remove embedded dust and stains.

We have even remove tough pet odors leaving your rugs smelling fresh and clean again.

However, for customers who don ‘t have time to wait for our pick-up and delivery service, we also offer on-site rug cleaning too.

No matter what your personal cleaning needs, feel free to give us a call to hear more about our various service options. But no matter what type of cleaning you want, our staff will deliver outstanding results.

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We know that your area rug is a treasured possession and a potential family heirloom.

For this reason, we know that many customers request a free in-home consultation.

For this reason, we offer in-home and obligation-free consultations for all Queens and NYC customers as per your request.

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