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Purchasing a Silk rug is a wonderful addition to any home as well as a considerable investment.

A handmade silk rug is a work of art that can add beauty to your home for generations if it receives the proper care.

Silk is a delicate fiber and needs expert care during any cleaning process.

When it comes time to deep clean your silk rug, you need the services of a professional rug cleaning company with experience and training in cleaning and restoring silk rugs in the Queens area.

At Green Choice, our expert technicians will carefully examine your silk rug and create the best cleaning process for your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye.

When silk is wet, it can become stretched if handled improperly which damages the structure of your rug.

It is important to have a trained and certified technician who knows the best procedures to clean a silk rug.

An inexperienced rug cleaner can easily damage the rug by choosing the wrong cleaner method. At Green Choice your rug will handled only by our trained staff.

We never outsource our rugs like many of our competitors. Only a trained and certified technician will work on your rug.

Our Silk Rug Cleaning Process

Green Choice technicians will create a cleaning process specially customized according to the condition of your Silk rug.

When we deep clean your rug it will be based on best practices in our industry and based on our two decades of experience of cleaning handmade silk rugs in Queens.

Our deep cleaning is a gentle hand wash that will remove the dirt, hair, stains from pets or food, and odor from your rug. Our drying process quickly dries your rug within hours which ensures that no mold or mildew can grow in your rug.

As a service to our clients, we only use Eco-friendly green cleaners.

We do not use any harsh chemicals.

Green Choice is a green company and will only use cleaners that are biodegradable, meaning they fully evaporate over time.

Chemical cleaners, on the other hand, can leave a chemical residue that sticks to the fiber and attract dirt to it.

You will be amazed at how Green Choice can restore your silk carpet back to its original state.

If you want to know more about our silk rug cleaning services in Queens, you can call us at 1-718-360-0742 and learn more.

If you want to consult with an expert technician we can arrange an appointment for visit to your home. The technicians can inspect your silk rug and give free no obligation estimate and explain the cleaning process to you.

We offer a free our clients a pick up and delivery service.

We will arrange a time that fits your schedule for all our services.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Most home carpet cleaning solutions clean the top of the carpet.

Deeply embedded dirt, stains and pet odors will not be removed from your rug by vacuuming.

Home cleaners can also contain very powerful chemicals that can damage the carpets color and fiber.

Silk is a very delicate fabric and using the wrong cleaner will cause the colors to run.

In addition these home carpet cleaners can contain chemicals that the FDA considers as health hazards.

At Green Choice our staff will not only give your carpet a thorough deep cleaning but when we give you back your rug it will contain no toxins that will negatively impact the environment and health of your home or office.

If you want more information you can call us at 1-718-360-0742.

You can talk to a representative who can answer your questions about our service and get a free estimate.

We can also schedule for a rug cleaning technician to visit your home at a convenient time and give you free no obligation estimate to clean your silk carpet.

We also give a free pick up and delivery service to our clients based on your schedule.

Call us at 1-718-360-0742 and learn more about our silk rug cleaning in Queens.

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