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Nearly everybody appreciates the look of leather – whether it’s an upholstered sofa or an heirloom ottoman, leather furniture is often the focal point of your home. However, as anyone who owns a leather couch or chair knows, these cherished pieces require a bit more TLC to preserve their natural splendor. Despite your attempts to maintain your furniture’s appearance, many leather treatments offer only a temporary solution, and may even wreak havoc on the hide over the years.

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For those who clean their leather furniture, it’s important to note that the majority of the household treatments on the market contain emollients that merely coat the surface. These cleansers may offer short-term protection, but they do not allow the leather to “breathe”, which can result in cracking and a worn-out exterior. At Green Choice, we offer a variety of leather-cleaning solutions which will not only cleanse and condition your furniture, but protect it over its lifetime.

Conveniently located in Queens, Green Choice Leather Cleaning is pleased to provide the greater NYC area with an assortment of organic, time-tested treatments to clean and revive tired, well-worn leather furniture. Whether it’s a newer couch or a cherished upholstered leather chair you’ve had for decades, we use our exclusive eco-friendly cleaning treatments to ensure your furniture’s beauty and longevity for many generations.

Our Exclusive Green Cleaning Method

At Green Choice, we’ve mastered the art of green leather-cleaning, including the following basic steps:

  • First, we clean the surface, removing any residue or stains
  • Next, we moisturize the leather, bringing it back to its original luster
  • Finally, our premium leather protectant is applied to the surface to ensure your furniture is safeguarded from everyday wear and tear

Our staff recognizes that our clients’ time is valuable – that’s why we aim to provide long-lasting cleansing and protection solutions for your prized leather furniture, so that you and your family may enjoy it for years to come with a minimal amount of maintenance in between treatments.

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The Green Choice Edge

We have developed an all-encompassing approach when it comes to furniture cleaning treatments and leather care: we strive to make each transaction with Green Choice convenient, professional and resulting in your complete satisfaction. With over 15 years of leather, upholstery and carpet cleaning experience, our dedicated staff of experts is committed to providing you with the best service and unbeatable prices. We welcome your questions – contact us 24/7 for a free estimate or same-day appointments.

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