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When faced with choosing the best carpet cleaning service for your home, all companies are not created equal. Although we would all prefer a clean, sanitized home – including our floors, carpets and upholstered surfaces – they are often treated with an array of harmful cleansers, detergents and other processes which actually leave you and your loved ones worse off than before. You see, the toxic ingredients in many of these carpet solutions emit harmful fumes and volatile compounds that can trigger a number of health concerns, including respiratory ailments, eye, nose and throat irritation, painful headaches, and in some cases, even nervous system impairment. Furthermore, if your home is not well-ventilated during or shortly after the carpet cleaning process, the hazardous fumes can linger for days.

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In today’s households, it’s common to find at least a half-dozen or more chemically-based detergents, specifically in the bathroom or kitchen area. While many of these products provide fairly safe methods of disinfecting our homes, when it comes to carpet cleansers, it’s safest to go organic. Since carpeting covers a large surface area, opting for green carpet and upholstery care is wise, as you’ll know you’ll be providing not only a sanitary, allergen and dust-free environment for your loved ones, but a non-toxic alternative to traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Did You Know...

As we’ve discussed, there are numerous toxic ingredients in many of the household detergents, solvents and cleansers we use to keep our homes clean. Below, a list of hazardous components frequently found in ordinary carpet cleaning treatments that should be avoided:

  • Ethylene Glycol Mono-butyl Ether (EGBE): Also known as 2-Butoxyethanol, this chemical may cause respiratory tract, skin and eye irritation and even burns if handled improperly. It can also emit harmful fumes that are hazardous when inhaled and may result in adverse effects to the nervous system.
  • Naphthalene: Also referred to as naphthalin or antimite, this chemical is a result from the distillation of coal tar and is best known as the primary ingredient in mothballs. The EPA has deemed Naphthalene harmful to the central nervous system of humans as well as a potential cancer agent.
  • Perchloroethylene (also called PERC): A colorless, non-flammable liquid used throughout the cleaning industry, this dangerous solvent may trigger nausea, dizziness and fatigue if inhaled or ingested. According to the CDC (The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it has also been linked to liver and kidney damage.

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