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Green Choice Carpet DUMBO

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We provide the Best Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service in DUMBO

Welcome to Green Choice Carpet DUMBO, one of the efficient and reliable carpet cleaners in the area of DUMBO. With our green cleansers, we offer the most safe cleaning process. With experience of more than 15 years in the business, we are here to make you fully satisfied through our exclusive cleaning mechanisms. For more details about our service, contact our professionals.

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Our talented professionals

Here at Green Choice Carpet DUMBO, we have a group of skilled and well trained technicians. Thus we offer all of our clients with an extreme quality cleaning service including cleaning of carpet, rug, upholstery and mattress. In addition to this, we also provide emergency water damage restoration procedures for our valuable clients. If you want to get a free carpet cleaning quote, call us: 1-718-360-0742

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Area Rug Cleaning Service

At Green Choice, the cleaning process is dependent on your rug type and your desired level of cleaning and protection. That’s the reason why we offer multiple cleaning services such as gentle hand washing, deep shampoo cleaning, and large industrial machine washing.

Our cleaning process will provide the most effective cleaning for your type of rug, but we can offer you multiple price points depending on your needs.

And unlike other companies that outsource their rug services, our cleaning takes place in-house to ensure that you get the best quality cleaning, best price, and knowledgeable staff to help you make the right cleaning decision.

Why Choose Us? Green Choice carpet cleaning Dumbo

At Green Choice, we provide our customers with a pleasurable, green, and competitively priced cleaning experience.

With a variety of different cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals on the market, we understand that choosing a cleaning company can be a chore when it concerns safety and that’s why we only use organic non-toxic cleaners.

For Carpet Cleaning, we offer all our customers the best cleaning possible, and we have a customized service to ensure you get the cleaning you want, at a great price, and all done using the safest organic cleansers.

Our technicians are trained and certified cleaning professionals that specialize in organic cleaning methodology unlike many of our competitors.



Yes, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also provide upholstery cleaning services in the neighborhood of dumbo brookly


The cost of carpet cleaning in Satandard ranges from $20 to $600, depending on the service required.

1 room = $25-$80
2 rooms = $50-$150
3 rooms = $75-$225
4 rooms = $100-$300
5 rooms and more = $150-$600

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Green Choice Carpet Cleaners is indeed the finest cleaners in Brooklyn Heights-based on positive feedback received from their clients.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaners in Dumbo Brooklyn only user Green Cleaners which is eco-friendly and toxic free to all.

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