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In Brooklyn Heights, Green Choice  Carpets promises 100% green cleaning methods customized for your carpet type and your needs.

We offer different types of carpet cleaning from carpet shampooing cleaning to steam cleaning.

We understand that our customers have different cleaning needs that our experienced staff can professionally handle.

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Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Heights

When you are in need of rug cleaning by a professional staff in Brooklyn Heights call Green Choice.

Whether you need to clean a priceless oriental rug or machine make rug, we can provide you with the best service no matter how small or big the job is.

We can provide a quote by phone or we can arrange for a rug technician to visit your home in Brooklyn Heights and carefully inspect your rug.

He can give a free quote and explain how we work and the services we can provide.

So if you have a Persian rug, an Oriental rug, silk rug or a wool rug in need of expert cleaning, call us today.

Upholstery Cleaning in Brooklyn Heights

Green Choice upholstery cleaning service in Brooklyn Heights can restore the look and feel of your home and make your furniture look like new no matter the age.

We only use safe natural, organic products which is important when cleaning your furniture.

We will apply no chemicals to you upholstery leaving them free of any chemical smell or residue.


Deep Shampoo Cleaning In Brooklyn Heights

Green Choice Carpet also provides deep shampoo cleaning for your rugs and carpets in Brooklyn Heights.

Using this method of rug cleaning, we will do various processes such as hot water extraction, sanitizing, bad odor, and urine removal.

We will also help you to remove all the foot traffic from your rug using this method.

Oriental Rug Cleaning In Brooklyn Heights

Oriental rugs are a major point of attraction in a living room. These rugs should be maintained properly in order to keep them fresh.

Green Choice Carpet offers oriental rug cleaning in Brooklyn Heights at a cheap cost with different packages.

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Pet Stains And Pet Odor Removal In Brooklyn Heights

Green Choice Carpet offers cleaning services that are specialized in removing all the pet-related stains and odors from your carpet. 

The cleaning packages we offer such as shampoo cleaning and Heavy-duty cleaning are designed to remove these pet stains and odors from the carpet.

With over 20 decades of experience in this carpet cleaning field, We offer you to remove all your pet odors and stains using the green carpet cleaning method.

You can now avail our seamless services in Brooklyn Heights at an affordable cost that suits you.

We also offer various discounts and coupons which you can ask for when you get our free estimate.

Mattresses Cleaning In Brooklyn Heights

Your mattress is the least cleaned object in your room.

Many people think that changing sheets and blankets will remove the dust, but you should clean it regularly.

We also provide mattress cleaning in Brooklyn Heights.


Moth Damage Repairing In Brooklyn Heights

Your carpets and rugs are prone to damage that is caused by attacks from moths. You can see missing fibers or some holes in your carpets and rugs which are valuable to you. 

These holes or gaps are caused by the attack from the moths. But don’t worry, we have the latest technology and skilled professionals who can restore your rugs or carpets to old condition.

Green Choice Carpet now offers moth damage repairing in Brooklyn Heights at cheap rate with respect to the damage.

You can call our team today and get your rug inspected free of cost and get an estimate.

Brooklyn Heights Carpet, Rug and Sofa Cleaning Service Hours

Green Choice Brooklyn Heights is open for business seven days a week, 24 hours a day. But feel free to give us a call anytime; we always have a technician standing by for emergency services. So if you have a water damage repair or other cleaning emergency, don’t hesitate to call.


What is average the cost of carpet cleaning in Brooklyn Heights

industry’s average of standard carpet cleaning cost is around $20 to $600 based on what service you need

1 room = $25-$80
2 rooms = $50-$150
3 rooms = $75-$225
4 rooms = $100-$300
5 rooms and more = $150-$600

it’s best to ask for a free estimate So call us now

What is average the cost of rug cleaning in Brooklyn Heights

If you are hiring a dry rug cleaning service you will incur a cost that will vary between $1.5 USD to $5 USD per square foot depending on the factors.
When considering the size of an average room, the average cost incurred to dry clean rugs will be $100 USD or we can say that the cost of rug cleaning will vary from as low as $50 USD to as high as $300 USD depending on the material of the rug and the size of the room

What is average the cost of upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn Heights

Nationally, the cost of professional upholstery cleaning is between $ 123 and $ 150. cost of upholstery cleaning is charged at a flat rate per item. While some cleaning services may charge an additional fee for stains on upholstery that are particularly difficult to remove,If you like get a estimate amount call us now

Why Green Choice is the best green carpet cleaners in Brooklyn Heights

Green Choice Carpet cleaners are said as the best carpet cleaners in Brooklyn Heights with respect to the excellent reviews posted by their customers on various platforms.

Some people also have the opinion that Green Choice Carpet cleaners care for the environment we exist by using green products to clean the carpets.

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