Why Cleaning Carpet Dust Is So Hard

Oct 08, 2021
Why Cleaning Carpet Dust Is So Hard

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A great rug can bring a room together, but once you’ve found the one you like, ensure you take good care of it. It is necessary to keep your rugs clean for a variety of reasons. Cleanliness is essential for its appearance, scent, and health.

A well-cared-for rug can last a long time and be a charming feature, as long as the weave type and fiber content is treated appropriately.

Dust and grime can drab the color of your mats, carpets, and runners, as well as provoke allergies. So, how can you strip your mats, carpets, and runners from dust without it being too complicated?

Dust mites, skin cells, clothing fibers, and other microscopic particles make up household dust, which is not only difficult to see but also tricky to remove, especially from the delicate fibers of your living room carpet.

These microscopic particles can become trapped between the individual fibers of your rug. Because they aggravate asthma and cause other allergy-related issues, it’s critical to get rid of them quickly. But how can dust be removed from carpets in a hassle-free manner?

If you’re looking for the answer to this frequently-asked question, then look no further! We’ll show you how to make dust removal from your carpets easier, as well as which behaviors to avoid.

There are several ways to relieve your carpet of dust; let us look at some of these methods below.

Why Cleaning Carpet Dust Is So Hard?

  1. Vacuuming your carpet
  • Remove any objects that will hinder the vacuum cleaner’s path.
  • Check for small objects that could harm the mechanism, such as coins.
  • Always remember to check under the furniture.
  • First and foremost, dust the blinds, furnishings, windowsills, and baseboards. The dust that falls can then be cleaned up.
  • Dust collects at the edges of carpets and baseboards, which should be cleaned first.
  • If you can’t move the furniture, use the cranny extender to reach under couches or other furniture to clean dust bunnies.
  • Vacuum the entire floor forward and back, then left to right, and repeat the process. Carpet strands are generally twisted; therefore, traveling both directions ensures that you reach every fiber area.
  • Slowly vacuum to get as much dust out as possible. One quick pass through low-traffic regions and two slow passes through high-traffic zones are recommended. Ground-in dirt is removed more successfully with two slow passes than with multiple quick ones.
  • Vacuum regularly. Generally, it is recommended to vacuum weekly to avoid dust buildup, which is more difficult to remove.
  1. Choose the right carpet cleaner.
  • Commercial carpet detergents come in many options. To make spot cleaning more effortless, they usually come in cans or spray bottles. While there are several “all-purpose” cleaners to pick from, read the label to see if a particular cleaner is suitable for removing dust and refreshing your carpet.
  • Experiment with it in an inconspicuous spot according to the directions on the bottle. Some items may be incompatible with your carpet; therefore, you should test them first. Testing cleaners can be done on a scrap of carpet or in a location that is rarely seen.
  1. Shampoo your carpet
  • Shampooing your carpet not only cleans it but also aids in the removal of dust particles. Water is commonly used to shampoo your carpet; this water can sink into the carpet and help drain away dust particles by combining with it.
  • That’s why, after rinsing your carpet, you’ll see murky water; it’s all the dust being rinsed away!
  1. Take your rugs outside to give them a once-over.
  • Take your carpet outside for a good beating to shake away any built-up dust thoroughly. Thin woven carpets with no back lining should be light enough to hang on the line, but anything thicker will need to be hung over a wall or on something firm.
  • Grab a broomstick or a classic carpet beater and throw it a good once-over until no more dust clouds appear. But don’t overdo it — you don’t want to wind up ruining your rug if you don’t have to!
  1. Make use of walk-off mats.
  • Keep dirt off the carpets by using walk-off mats both indoors and out. Outside your doors, coarse-textured mats will remove soil and make a carpet cleaning project more manageable. Inside, water-absorbent mats keep wet shoes off the carpets.


The damaging effects of dust

What you can’t see causes more damage to carpets than what you can. Only the top layer of grime and dirt is removed by vacuuming when walking on or in high-use areas, such as where children play; the deep-down grime and grit cut at carpet fibers and remove any stain resistance.

To save time and effort, keep dust-inducing items such as shoes and cat litter pans away from your rugs and close doors and windows in carpeted rooms when not in use.

As you can see, thoroughly cleaning dust from your carpet is challenging. Walking on our carpets makes this even more difficult because the dust on the surface is driven deeper into the fibers and the carpet itself by the weight of our feet. This is why it’s critical to avoid walking on a carpet, especially with shoes on, as this adds to the grime buildup.

Get professional help

Did you know that your rugs may hold up to four times their weight in dust, if not more? Dust mites, dead skin cells, pet urine, pet hair, dust, insect husks, insect feces, germs, mold, volatile chemical compounds, and a variety of other irritants adhere to the fibers of carpets.

You must clean your carpets regularly. While vacuuming at least twice a week is necessary, it is insufficient. To ensure that all these allergens are eliminated from the carpet fibers, you should professionally clean your carpets.

This is where Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn can help you with your dust problems. We guarantee that following our deep dust cleanse methods; your carpet will look as fresh as it did the day you bought it, thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and extensive understanding of how to clean your carpet of all dust.

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